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kathleen_liSeptember 21, 2010

I did a post about my latest finds.

Luvs, I thought these were acorns, but they are pine cones!

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Tree Shop and More

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Wonderful finds as always Kathleen. It always amazes me how great the prices are at CTS, sure wish we had one out here--or maybe it's better that we dont!

Love those spiderweb napkins, so darn cute! Sorta glad that whole shelf of items was pinecones instead of acorns--save me from drooling all over my keyboard this morning! LOL I do think the pinecones look neat too, and I have lots of the real ones that I use at Christmastime. I'm NOT going to get hooked on them like I am over the acorns!

Love the color of those gold plates and they are so perfect with those pretty napkins too, you have such a good eye for matching those things up even when you find things at different stores.

Your new baking pan is really neat, would love to be around when you fill it up and bake your pretty cake! Yum!

Glad you found some wonderful bargains and know you will put them to good use on creating more pretty tables for us to see. ;o)


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You lucky girl, what special finds. I can't wait to see how you use them. I'm even more happy to hear about the CTS coming to Dallas, Little Rock is just a hop, skip and a jump from there. So, I can only hope it's coming soon.

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And that's all I have to say.

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Kathleen, You certainly know how to shop! The cake pan is wonderful, What kind of cake will you make? The spider towels would look good in my kitchen My DD#2 loves to shop at CTS I'll see if she'll pick some up for me. The gold plates go perfectly with those napkins. OA I'm still laughing Out Loud!!! But I feel your pain. NanaKaren

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LOL, OA! Look how much money you are saving!!
Thanks, Luvs, Frou and Karen. I do love shopping there. I just came back from a quick trip to the WS/PB outlet, and I bought NOTHING! There was no one in the store, and the prices were not good!
Karen, I am thinking I will start with a pumpkin nut cake. I have no idea how I will decorate it, if at all.

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Kathleen...I commented on your blog but must say again..
You got some very nice usual.
Those spider web towels are so cute and go perfectly with your cup cake holder. I'm looking forward to you using them.
Love the plates and placemats too. one likes a 'Sour Puss'...I can see that look on your face thru your post! lol

Remember, they're 'Sweeping' across the USA..and will problably be near you soon.
I remember when they were ONLY on Cape Cod where I vacationed ea Summer, I would and drive my family crazy. Then they opened in CT when I lived in NY...DH...DD and I would drive 2 1/2 hrs just to shop there. It was worth the drive... So if one opens some where near you...go!


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Amazing buys!!
I guess I am lucky that we don't have CTS here, because I already spend too much at the TS's, If I had CTS too, DH would probably give me the heave ho! LOL


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Oh wow, you always find such neat things. I love all of it but those high heeled stockings are sooo neat and unusual. Will be waiting to see what you come up with, using all of it.


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Kathleen, those spider web napkins are the cutest things, and for some reason it made me laugh that they are lime green. Talk about a statement with napkins, LOL. Those will do it. They apparently were made to go with that spider web cupcake stand! How perfect. My favorite of your goodies has to be the burgundy accented placemats. I think they are lovely!

I keep telling myself I am lucky NO Christmas Tree shop here cause I save so much money. LOL. And I know it would be a dangerous place for me to go. (Home Goods is bad enough for me as it is.) But in my heart of hearts, I keep hearing a little voice deep inside me screaming out

hugs, Karen

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kathleen ... I "third" it...what OA & PM said...but I don't know how to change the size & color of my text! Believe me, if I'm ever near a CTS, I will think of you all & go spend a good wad (just because)!

I love the napkins you found & the $1 gold plates...very Fallish! Looks like a great shopping day...I had a good one, too ...with some friends & added a few treasures. TFS your day! Jeanne S.

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