how to get rid of 'new home smell'

nikitDecember 1, 2010

We just moved into our new addition. I got a headache from staying in our bedroom without the windows open -- not sure if it is the carpet or some adhesives. I feel OK in other parts of the house. Maybe something is releasing volatile organic compunds. Any suggestions on how to clear out the "new home smell" in addition to opening the windows? Thanks so much!

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There's not much more you can do besides airing out the house. You could keep the fan of your HVAC system running to help circulate the air.

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Yes I would agree that using some fans and leaving the windows open is the way to go.

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Try putting a few bowls of vinegar out. Vinegar will absorb odor. I've never tried it for an odor that strong but for everyday problems (such as a teenagers room!) it works.

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You need to remove the VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Opening windows will help but if you can't leave them open all the time, get a HEPA air filter with an activated charcoal filter. I have the Rabbit Air (cheapest model) we purchased it when we got a new mattress and I couldn't stand the new mattress off gassing. This air cleaner took away the harmful fumes quickly, and continues to help my allergies as well.

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