Halloween Decorating Party

azzaleaSeptember 30, 2013

We did this a few weeks ago. It's sort of an alternative to the Christmas Cookie Exchange.

Invite half a dozen of your crafty friends. Ask each to bring the idea and supplies for an easy fall/halloween craft. (and if you want, you could suggest they bring a treat to share).

We made an afternoon of it and had SO much fun. We made the gauzy ghosts using cheesecloth and spray starch; Cinnamon stick wrapped pillar candles, fall nosegays (a few fall flowers in a 'sleeve' made of the top of a brown paper lunch bag, tied with a piece of jute), Door hangers (a stick, with silk fall leaves and wooden beads hung from it by jute), and artificial pumpkins covered with fishnet stocking (you can get at least 6-8 from a pair of fishnet pantyhose).

We made the food fun and creepy--little orange pepper jack-o-lanterns filled with chicken salad (on a cool day, use chili, pasta with meat sauce or fettucini alfredo), cat dip (spread your favorite cheese dip in a pie pan, sprinkle with grated orange cheese, add ears and nose cut from orange pepper, olive slice eyes, and chive whiskers), Wormy vegetables (marinated veg, with some fusilli for worms, served hot or cold). One gal brought a peek-a-boo pound cake with pumpkin bread leaf silhouettes in it. We also had pumpkin cheesecake and hag's finger cookies.

We purposely had our 'halloween' party at the end of August, so that we could share our ideas early. That way we could use them all through the season.

We had so much fun, we're planning to do gingerbread houses in Dec.

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I would love to do something like this but haven't found anyone else who is interested and has the time.

Your gingerbread houses plan sounds great!

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That does sound like a lot of fun! I have a similar problem as partymusic50 though, I don't really have anyone who would be interested. Most of the time I am around people my age and they would rather go to a concert or club in their free time. But, it is a great idea for sure! maybe some day when I find a crafty group I will have to try that! :)


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LOL--Seasonal Decorating--there's the problem. These gals were not my age (mid 60's), but my daughter's (mid 30's). But they're a great bunch and are always kind enough to include me--especially when I'm willing to do the cooking!

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Welcome Azzalea, sounds like a fun party. Wish you could post pictures to share with us. There would be so much to see.

Hope your gingerbread house party in Dec party is as fun as this early Halloween one was for all of you. I'll bet these younger gals love all your expertise and cookin'. My DM use to host this type of party and those ladies had a ball.


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What fun!
I've got my gingerbread recipe out. Can I come?

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Sounds like a fun time!

We love pictures around here, so please post some if you can.
Crafts and food, can't go wrong with that combination!

I'm sure the gingerbread house party will be as big a hit!


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Welcome Azzalea! Oh my, what a FUN thing to do!! A Halloween Party in AUG. Love it! Sounds like all of you made such cute things as well as had a great time.
(age is irrelevant for things like this.)

I have the same problem as Party and Seas...no one to do stuff with. They are all HERE on the Forum and Janie must've lost the bus keys to pick us up and head for your place! :o) I have a feeling it would be so neat to meet you. I'm glad you joined us here, tho, and hope you can post pictures.

hugs, Karen

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Azzela, I'm right there with the rest of you, no oone I know is interested in the things I like to do. This sounds like so much fun. I think we all just need to move closer together so we can party anytime we want.

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