Logistics dealing with out of stock shower wall tile

ikea_gwMay 17, 2013

We are just informed that the wall tile we picked for the master bath is out of stock until 2-3 weeks after the intended start date of the project. We are remodeling two bathroom which involves complete demo, moving a wall, moving 2 toilets and other plumping, removing a window. We also need inspection from the government. Do you guys this it will still be ok to not have the tile until that late?

What do the contractors have to wait to do after the shower wall tiles are up? Can the shower floor tiles, curb, room floor be put in at the mean time?

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You say 2-3 weeks out of stock , this means you don't have a specific date. Where is this tile made in . If its somewhere out of the states this means it has to be shipped and pass customs . Is it guaranteed to be there no later than the three weeks ?
I am waiting for my marble to come from Italy and pass customs until now . A month ago they told me it will be here in two to three weeks . When I ordered my bathroom hardware from " Allied Brass " a month ago it said two to three weeks because they are made by order . Today they gave an estimated date not guaranteed for May 24.
This is not to scare you , but so you know what can Happen . My advice would be to look for something else that you can return if this one comes on time . Good luck.

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The vendor said they won't get it until the end of June. Which is about 3 weeks after the projected starting date. I assume that is when the shipment will be received by him and not when it gets shipped (probably from China) but I will have to double check.

I really would rather not have to pick another tile. I guess I don't mind waiting for a few extra weeks while the shower is missing wall tiles. We can use the other bath that can be finished pretty quickly. I just wonder besides the plumbing for the shower and shower door what else will be held up until after the wall tile is in.

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Sophie Wheeler

If the timetable is important to you, pick something else. If you are OK waiting indefinitely, then wait on this specific tile. But, there is NO WAY I'd do two baths at once. None. Not unless there were a couple of others in the home that weren't being ripped up.

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We have another one we will be using. We are not insane enough to gut all the bathrooms at the same time. :-)

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Your plumbing in the shower won't be held up by the tile . I had all the plumbing done and the board installed first. Is your shower floor being delayed too ? If you have your shower floor than they will install your insulation system ( mine schluter system) and lay the shower floor tile on top of it , then comes your wall tiles, shower fixtures and the last thing is your shower door. Just to be on the safe side start looking at something else that is in stock , In case this tile gets delayed too much you will not be rushed to find something else .

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"What do the contractors have to wait to do after the shower wall tiles are up? Can the shower floor tiles, curb, room floor be put in at the mean time?"

All those tasks can be completed prior to the shower walls being tiled.

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We have all the other tiles including the shower floor porcelain. As far as I can tell, the only things that will be delayed is shower wall tiling, shower fixtures, glass shower door, and maybe the painting of the room? Or can they just paint the rest of the room first and touch up on the drywall next to the tiles when they are eventually in?

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I'd paint the room first, then do touch ups later. I like to have every thing painted so I don't have to fuss too much later with all the protection/prep, though there is always some.

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My tile person checked with the vendor today. The tiles have already left port of origin (somewhere in China I think) and have a EDD the 3rd week of June. Our remodel is supposed to start at the beginning of the 2nd week. So I think we are moving ahead with these tiles and hopefully they will be here not too late.

Meanwhile we will be prepared to get all the other stuff done and just wait to tile the shower wall and finish the plumbing.

lillo, we have a tile picked that is very similar to the first choice but it is slightly too brown. That one is in stock so we can get it whenever we want (same day) but hopefully we won't hae to use it.

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I hope you get your tile on time and won't have to go with the substitute . I am still waiting for my marble , because I love the color that I haven't seen in any other marble warehouse . Good luck with your renovation .

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I had the same thing happen. Luckily I was able to figure out the vendor and I found the exact same tile on the internet. If your tile does not ship on time you can always ask for the vendor info, or see if you can figure it out by the sku number or label. I actually saved a few hundred dollars ordering it online.

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