strange black dust/soot on new toilet seat

sji9600December 11, 2011

Hi everyone,

I know this sounds strange, but in all 3 of my brand new bathrooms, there is a strange black film, almost soot like that keeps appearing on toilet seats and white "wooden" shutters. At first I thought it was the residue from the smoke of candles that were lit, but we stopped with the candles and it keeps reappearing. It is almost as if this dust like substance is being pulled toward smooth, plastic like finishes.

Has anyone ever seen this?? It wipes up easily, but still strange. Any thoughts on what is causing it and how to clean/treat surfaces so it doesn't reappear?

Thank you.


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Sounds like something is oxidizing on the surfaces.

The plastic ridged shelf paper will oxidize and do that. Maybe there is something about the finish on the toilet seats and shutters that is doing the same thing.

Just a thought.

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Thanks, Krissie, but I don't think so.

On some other sites, there was discussions of similar black soot. Other thoughts were residue from candle smoke, and also dirt from construction now coming through hvac vents. Also, possible soot from oil burner in basement.
Candles have been ruled out. Other thoughts are somewhat scary - does this mean this stuff is in the air and we are inhaling it???

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Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? That would be my main concern above anything else. If no candles then I'm at a loss other than CM. The black soot is a common sign of CM and since you use oil as your heating source, that would be a concern.

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I also thought about this, do you have a fireplace? That will do it too...

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Mystery solved.... I am writing from the hotel where my family will be staying for a week while all the fine soot throughout my house is being cleaned and a new boiler is being installed. Water cutoff failed and fire burned through back of boiler. The black dust was in fact soot coming up from basement. Call it foreshadowing. Thankfully we did have cm detectors and good insurance! We are taking this opportunity to convert to gas.

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