Faucet not approved by MA Plumbers?

mirucaMay 27, 2013

I've run across a few things I like but it has prohibitions against Massachusetts - does anyone know what this is about? Although not from MA - I wonder if there is something I should be aware of in these faucets

The language states: This item is not approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. It cannot be shipped to the state of Massachusetts

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Yes, we went through this when we were about to buy fixtures and faucets. Our plumber asked us to make sure our tub was approved in Massachusetts because he has had town inspectors tell people that they had to replace them if not approved. We then picked out grohe and rohl fixtures as they were approved. nothing to worry about if not in MA.

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I bet brickeye has something to say about MA code. ;)

Nothing to worry about if you aren't in MA.

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Ok. Thanks - still wonder what it is about though

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Please check any certification for anything bought from Porcelanosa!

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The deal is the nanny state wants to eliminate lead in faucets. Like anyone is really having a problem with this in the first place.

Lead is alloyed with copper and zinc to form brass. All new faucets will either have to be stainless steel, or the % of lead will have to be low, or the inside of the faucet will have to be coated/plated.

I believe this requirement will go into effect in 2014 (for the entire US). Taxsachusetts is just ahead of the rest of the US.

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First I've heard of it for MA. CA and (I think) NH were the only two "forbidden" state for shipping something I was buying. I shipped it to my wife's aunt in NV, then on to us. I haven't heard of an inspector actually flagging any such issue.

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Geoffrey - thanks for the informative explanation!

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