Looking for bathroom tile selection help

destruct05May 20, 2014


I have a bathroom with a partial upgrade: new vanity and new wall paint.

The (floating vanity) is an oak cabinet with a Silestone Grey Amazon countertop.
The wall is painted a "Soft Meadow" Green from Glidden.
The existing tiles are a slight offwhite - cream.

I would like to retile the shower stall trying to match the colors and maybe materials that are new in the bathroom.

One idea I had is to tile the two sidewalls in the shower with the same Silestone as my countertop and use a green mosaic in the back wall. Or the Silestone tile in the back wall. However, I am not sure if this would look good or what else I could do.

I attached a picture of the existing materials/colors.

Any help is appreciated.

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Here is a picture of the shower that I want to retile. Also add a new door.

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Can you add a larger shot of your bathroom to provide context? It would help to see the vanity from afar as well as how it ties in with the shower.

I really like the counter and the wall color. At this point in time I would probably not use the mosaic, just the silstone color for the shower walls. It might be tricky trying to make a glass mosaic fit with the subdued silstone.

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I will post an other image shortly.
I am not sure if it looked to dark if I used all Silestone. The bathroom is on the darker side as it only has one window.

I agree with you on the mosaic. On the one hand it would give it a contrast, on the other hand the new theme is somewhat subdued. It might only work with a "non-shiny" mosaic.

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Here is a better overview.

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Boy, I am thinking that the white already there is the best in this situation. Is it in good shape? I think I'd leave it because it ties in with the tub surround and the floor. Did you say you were getting a new door? That in itself might be the update you need. If you need new tile I think I would try to match it with the tub surround as close as you are able. Others may have very nice alternative ideas.

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The tiles are in good shape. The tiles are an off white/cream. Just got a bit tired of them. Also, I might need to open the wall a bit for a valve repair. Technically, I could get access through the drywall from another room.

Yes, I would like to replace the door.

I thought about retiling around the bathtub as well. But then the projects seems to grow more and more.

Don't know if there would be a combination of leaving some of the tile in the shower and add some new ones.

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