Hiring a House Cleaner

jeriDecember 2, 2009

I have never had a house cleaner, but would like one for our new home. My friend has someone she likes. After reading the How much do you pay for house cleaning? thread, IÂm thinking of asking this woman how much she would charge per hour  even if she doesnÂt usually charge that way. Then, I could have her come for 3-4 hours per week (depending on what the per hour rate is), but do what is needed  not necessarily the same thing each week.

As someone from the other thread said  I could have a list in priority order. When her 3-4 hours are up, she leaves.

This seems like a win-win idea. The woman is paid what she wants and I get things cleaned as needed, while still controlling costs somewhat.

What do you think?

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It's what I do....what she can get done in 3 hours and that's it....
I know someone who hired someone who also worked for me to "clean her house" and paid a flat rate for however long it took...
That woman would spray lemon pledge all over, flick a dust rag and run down the center with a vacuum and be done with a 7 room house in an hour and a half!
You have a good idea.
Linda C

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I find that finding a good cleaner is really a crapshoot; you may have to go through a few to get what you want.

We had hired independent cleaners (their the only employee), so when they were sic/tired/hospitalized, you didn't have anyone.
So we have gone to a company who will send others if the regular ones can't make it. Then you have to go through the learning curve with the new cleaners.
We are now on our second company, and some days I consider looking for the third one.

Good luck!

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Well  I got *very* lucky.

My dear friend highly recommended the woman she uses. When I asked about cost, my friend said she paid $90.00 and the cleaning woman was usually there for 3 hours. Gulp - $30.00 per hour?

I went ahead and met the woman and asked for her hourly rate. I explained that I only wanted her for a set number of hours per week and the cleaning would not always be the same. The guest bath for example, would not need a weekly cleaning. She *really* didnÂt want to give me an hourly rate. Cleary this was the first time she had been asked this. English is not her first language, so that could have been part of the problem. I pushed. Finally she said $12.00 per hour. I was surprised. We settled on $15.00 per hour, 4 hours per week.

This past Wednesday was her first day. I had to go to the house after she had been there for 2 hours and what she accomplished in just 2 hours would take me all day! Wow. The place looked great when I got home and I just hope she is as happy as I am.

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I've had a married couple for years. I found in the beginning leaving a priority list worked best.
If I want something special done, I leave them a note and it's understood if something doesn't get done, it's because my special project took priority.

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My SIL has a housecleaner. She made a list of chores to be done every week. wash kitchen floor. wash bathroom floors. Dust and vacuum every room. Etc. Plus one extra chore each week. Example-clean oven. She pays her $80 a week, nothing if she can't come, she generally takes 3-4 hours. Tips her an extra $80 at Christmas. She comes on Wednesdays. My SIL picks up all clutter on Tuesdays., says it gives her an incentive to pick up because she knows she'll come home to a completely clean home on Wednesday after work.

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