Need help! All my appliances are failing...

alexaquiMay 10, 2013

Hi all,

I am new to the forum, although I have read many reviews. I purchased a house 14 months ago and now everything is failing (appliances, roof, hvac). I have already replaced my dishwasher and cooktop with Miele appliances and have an urgent need to replace my refrigerator. I currently have a big decision to make that impacts my future oven that I would appreciate input on.

Is it better to go with a 27" wall oven and go with a larger refrigerator, or stick to a 36" refrigerator and go with 30" wall ovens? The latter choice would require significant cabinet work to make it happen; the former I can put in a larger refrigerator and 27" wall ovens with minimal effort. I am looking for top cooking/baking performance; the name is irrelevant to me.

While 27" wall ovens are big enough for my needs, the choices from top brands seem to be limited. If I go Miele, I have to buy 2 separate ovens ($$$$). My local dealer recommended Dacor and/or Thermador. I really liked the Dacor and have read many negative reviews from 2008-2010 on this forum about them. Have they improved recently? Thermador also has very mixed reviewed. Wolf/American Range/etc. all do not make 27" ovens. If I go the Miele route, I'd have to get a single oven and possibly a speed/steam oven. That seems prohibitively expensive. Does the infrared broiler work well on steaks?

As for fridges, I'm torn. I can get a Kitchen Aid 48" through a work partnership program at 25-30% off. I really like the 48" Sub Zero, however. As much as I want to buy them, the Miele and Thermador columns are between $2500 and $5000 more than the Subzero. Thoughts?

I'm also in need of a washer. There seem to be so many negative riviews on every washer now except the Miele. Will I regret getting the Miele? I have a small child. Again, I can get a deal on the Whirlpool deut through work; the reviews are abysmal.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!


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Miele began as a washing machine manufacturer.
That is the core of their identity. I wouldn't trade mine for another product.

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Are you sure the 27" will be big enough? Over time, the interiors have shrunk on ovens. If the oven is old, your current one may be more comparable to a new 30". Just check the interior dimensions so you aren't blindsided. Also, can you fill a 48" fridge? It sounds wonderful to have, but I've been told that fridges operate most efficiently full.

If it were me, I'd prefer 30" oven and 36" frig, but I understand if it's not worth the extra effort to you. Changing cabs could lead to even more problems. As long as the 27" interior is big enough, then go for it.

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27" ovens if you don't want two single ovens I would go with double Electrolux ovens, Better than Thermador or Dacor IMO.

I would take your bakeware to the Appliance store to see if the interior of the ovens work for you. If they do I would get 27" ovens.

On average a 48" fridge is only about 2-3 cu ft more interior room than a standard 36" fridge. The 36" fridge with most interior room is larger than the 48" fridge with smallest capacity. The built-in looks better, is better organized ,better quality, better temperature consistency.

I have a 24" freezer and 24" fridge with family of 3 and I don't find it difficult to fill up.

Neither Miele nor Bosch make full size American washers anymore. Asko's full size washer is a rebadged Daewoo. If looking for Euro size washer I would look at Asko, the only one that can reach near boiling temps.

If looking at full size washers there are no great options.

GE is bringing out their first American made front load washers. The RightHeight washer seems like GE benched marked all full size washers currently available in the USA and matched or beat all specs. There is risk to buying first run of any new product but I would do it if I was in need of a full size washer.

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Hi! Thank you for the input.

As for 36" vs 48" for the refrigerators, the capacity difference is pretty big for a small increase in cost.. For example, the sub-zeros I was looking at go from 16.4 to 19.1 for the fridge and 5.3 to 9.8 for the freezer. We are new parents and sadly never go out. We also make our own baby food and cook 99% of the time. I could easily fill the fridge. I don't think I can swing the independent/freedom from Miele/Thermador as they are only marginally bigger (if at all) than the sub-zero and cost a lot more.

Thanks for the tip on the Electro-lux double ovens. Seems to be what I've seen online here is that people are having a lot of luck with their ovens. That being said, I am toying with the Miele 27" and Wolf combi/steam ovens in place of a double oven. My biggest problem right now is actually finding a 27" that I can measure in person. Most dealers are stocking the 30s on their floors and Miele for example does not post the interior dimensions of their oven (???). We have an old 24" Maytag that fits so little it is worthless. The cabinet contractor said he can easily convert to a 27" oven. If we want 30" ovens, we have to pull new electrical, build a new cabinet, move light switches, to go next to the where the refigerator would go (I have 71.5 inches total to play with on that wall). Tough decisions...

Your comments hit the nail on the head with the washers. They all seem to be unreliable. I'm hoping the Miele will be big enough for my needs. Miele said I can return it within 90 days if it does not meet my needs. Not sure if they will really honor that if we do end up buying the unit!

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