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Bingham51September 2, 2012

Hope that this isn't too colorful. Put together a table with what I had around the house. The tablecloth is a sheet that I found a while back. Cut it to the size of a tablecloth. The blocks, plates, glasses, flatware are from TS. The napkin holder are erasers glued to a hair elastic. The mini lunch pails are from Micheal's. The school house was a lamp that I took apart. Do need to add more books.

Thank you for looking.

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Your table so cute and colorful. Clever idea to use the erasers for napkin rings.

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A few more books wouldn't hurt. You could stack them so they are slightly askew similar to the angles of the crayons on the cloth. Very cheerful table.

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Marlene Kindred

You're kidding me, right? Things you had around the house? Who has such a perfect sheet/tablecloth for a school themed table? And the cutest centerpiece and mini lunchbox....I'm always amazed at the different themes you ladies come up with for tablescapes. Just cute as can be Bingham! TFS~

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jeannespines daze! & I am dazed by your t'scape...very cool! Am a 'crayola' lover here this sheet you turned into a t'cloth is fantastic! Cute idea for the napkin rings! & love the blocks w/the school house...yes, I think you have a good idea to add more books to give that cute schoolhouse some height. The transparent plates & glasses are perfect, too! Sweet 'back to school' daze! TFS, Bingham! Jeanne S.

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This so cute and colorful and so CREATIVE!
I'm another one amazed by what you 'had around the house' !
Love the tablecloth/sheet - lunch boxes - napkin rings -
(great idea) and blocks. I'm in agreement with raising the
school house with more books..other than that, everything's just perfect!

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Your back to school table is adorable. Love the sheet/tablecloth on this table. ABC's & 123's with the schoolhouse made me smile. I have all of DGD's in case I need them for fun things to make. I think more books under the school would add more WOW!

The little lunch boxes are cute. Looks like you had the perfect dishes to go with this table. So glad to have you here sharing tables with us.


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I agree with what the other's here have said, very pretty and colorful. Love your little schoolhouse centerpiece and that tablecloth is so perfect for your theme. Good job and so glad you shared with us. Luvs

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You get an A+ from this teacher (even if I am retired, LOL)
The crayola theme is so cute and colorful! Your bright colors on this table are perfect. I have that same school house figurine, but mine wasn't a lamp!
Clever idea for the napkin rings and the sheet tablecloth!
You definitely "colored" this table just right and the little lunchpails are too cute.
Super job and thanks for sharing this fun table with us.

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Bing, add my DITTO on what the others said. This is just the cutest table...and that sheet is soooo PERFECT as a tablecloth!!! I love it.
I need to snag your photo and put it in our gang's tablesetting album on Photobucket, so it can "saved".

You did such a neat job of finding stuff to use. I'm the Forum's Tablesetting Dummy! I just can't seem to figure out
how to do them. No imagination...or maybe I have a phobia about dishes. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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