Double oven or single with speed?

tjeff2000May 15, 2012

Looking for why one would buy a single oven and an additionl speed oven over a double oven option.

I've never used speed oven and guess I don't really understand it. Yeah, it would be nice to cook faster, but all of my recipes have times listed.

Also, would a speed oven also take the place of a micro?

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A speed oven is smaller, but it can do some different things than a second (double) oven. It can combine the functions of regular and microwave cooking, and it may take the place of a microwave oven, at least in most respects.

If you bake large amounts of food and seldom use a micro, then two regular ovens may be more useful for you. [Some would prefer two separate ovens over a double oven for reliability reasons, if space is available; this is a different issue.]

If you often cook smaller amounts of food, a large oven is less useful; it takes longer to pre-heat and can't do the faster combination or micro cooking a speed oven can.

An alternative, if you prefer to steam stuff rather than micro it, is to get a steam oven as your second oven.

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We got a speed oven (installed but we haven't moved in yet) in place of a second oven. We only have one oven now. The speed oven is also a microwave and I expect that we will use that function most often. However, I have 3 boys and it is very common for us to get home late from sports so the quick dinner option is very appealing.

We chose a speed oven so we could eliminate the need for a separate microwave. We made the decision to do a fridge only which required both an icemaker and separate fridge/freezer drawers so we were running out of space for appliances!

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We are like athensmoms - made the same decisions and have 3 kids. i would add that our speed oven is used a lot so much so that i run downstairs to use the microwave down there. i've thought about putting a small microwave in our pantry cabinet but doesn't seem quite worth it. I don't like using our big single oven for small stuff either. The size is appealing.

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I don't have this setup, but one thing I think I read on this site is that one issue with a single oven and then a speed oven relates to the speed oven. The issue is that if you are using the speed oven as an "oven" and then want to use its microwave function like right after you just cooked something that it is to hot and can't do that. AGain, I am going from memory on this so I could be wrong on that info, but it is something to at least look in to and keep in mind.

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Its true that if a speed oven is being used for some other function, like baking, then its not available for use as a microwave. But this is more an argument for having a separate microwave, than it is for having two regular ovens.

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If one oven fails in a double- replace the double. 2 separate ovens- replace each individually
We just put in a wolf series E and an advantium.

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there are pasts threads on this topic, so"search" at the bottom of this page.

we have this set up and we have no problems with it. we use the speed oven all the time, for oven, micro and combo and love it. use the big oven for bigger trays and or more than one tray.

speed oven heats quick which is great.

would do again in a minute. we are a fam of 5.

we do have old micro downstairs and do use once in awhile but not a problem

good luck

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