Kitchenaid Fridge making ominous noises

Karen2467May 13, 2014

KFCS22EVMS2 model
We have a 6 year old side-by-side KA refrigerator that is making a never-before-heard noise (never a good sign . . .). I would describe it as the sound you make when you blow air out of your closed lips, somewhat of an ak-ak sound, that goes for varying lengths, up to maybe 30 seconds. It happens seemingly randomly, and the length it lasts is random.
The ice maker and water dispenser and temperature levels all seem to be fine. ALL seems to be fine, except for that noise that seems to forbode something bad coming.

Anyone got an idea what this could be?

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More than likely it is a fan, (dry bearings).

You can see a diagram of your fridge by clicking the "helpful link" after my post.

The guys on this web-site are a Tremendous Help, and if you call them or email them, they will help you diagnose the problem and order the correct part to fix it.

I bought a service manual for my JA Fridge, (on-line), paid $16 for it. This company sent me a free one, (as they did not know, at the time, that I had the service manual.

I don't know if your KA has the built in disgnostics like my JA does, it actually has a fan speed check for every fan in the fridge, so it would be easy to pinpoint which fan, If yours has the same diagnostics.


Here is a link that might be useful: KA Fridge parts

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Thank you! We will look into this and see what we can figure out. This afternoon we have had no noise episodes, so fingers crossed; but I suspect it didn't just fix itself.

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We narrowed the noise down to the back top inside of the fridge, the white box that is the damper--that's where the vibrations were the strongest. We removed the vent cover, and can see that t he noise occurs when the flap opens.

Is this just a plug-in, easily removed and replaced? It seems to be more quietly working, not hanging up as much as it was. Is it something likely to correct itself if we leave the cover off for awhile? Is it just a noise problem, i.e., it will work, but just make noise?

I wonder if it is covered under the 2 thru 5 year portion of the factory warranty?

Thank you for your help!

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