Cigarette burn on outdoor slate porch

ellendiDecember 4, 2011

My daughter has been puting out her cigarettes on the slate since she smokes outside. This is the first time that there are burn marks. We usually just sweep up. I don't know what she is doing that is different.

I was just out there scrubbing with steel wool. I used an all purpose cleaner, then I used clorox clean up. They look lighter, but are still there.

Any tips on if I can remove them?

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If it was sealed, she probably scorched the sealant. Remove the sealant by the appropriate method and reseal that area.

Get the girl an ashtray and tell her to use it.

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LOL Thanks lazygardens. Since we are NOT smokers we do not have ashtrays.
I actually scrubbed most of it off with a steel wool pad.
I will watch her more closely from now on. ((It is an awful habit)

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What kind of smoker doesn't know how to butt a cigarette? :-)

I think they still sell ashtrays in the store. If not a soda can with a little water in the bottom works. Or a empty, metal paint can with a little sand in the bottom.

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