Opinions on the Bissell Spot Bot, please, if you have one

kaisermustDecember 4, 2009

Thinking of buying that small, portable Bissell carpet cleaner I see on the TV commercials. I think it's called the Spot Bot. Need one mainly so when my DLH tabby leaves a hairball present on the carpet I can quickly clean it up and hopefully do a better job than the mop/bucket/scrub brush I use now. Before I invest in one of these I would like to know what you think of yours and if it's worth the money. In the past we have had a big carpet cleaning machine (given to me by my mother) but DH never thought it did much good and besides,those big machines are heavy and bulky. I just need the occasional steamer for spots.

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My husband and I use this for the small messes my cat makes occasionally. This is not useful for anything larger than a very small mess. I tried cleaning a 3 foot square once with the hand hold tool and it was a LOT of work. The bot does not heat the water, it uses tap water and it is not made to be used with hot water as it would lead to leaks in the machine. I have found that the best way to use the bot is to only use water in the machine and to put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle. I spray the stain and then use the machine with just water. This keeps suds down and prevents build up of soap in my carpet but still is enough to clean the carpet, I also save on the amount of special cleaning fluid I have to buy. the spot bot has two settings, light and heavy. I've never needed to use the heavy setting. If you have a very dirty carpet the bot may leave behind small "clean" spots in your dirty carpets so I would only use this in a relatively clean house. I love my spot bot and I hope yours is useful as well.

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So this would be good for the hairball that my cat regurgitates at least once a week? They are staining my carpets terribly!

I have the "Little Green Machine" but it not convenient to take out for spot cleaning and it clogs all the time.

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I love my spot bot and use it all the time. I am on my 2nd one. The first one wore out after about 5 years. I almost ruined the first one by trying to make my own chemical solutions to go into the tank. I learned my lesson...just buy the premade stuff. It is designed for that piece of equipment. If mine broke tomorrow, I'd buy it again. Get the solution with the oxi-clean in it to get that wonderful green bile color out of the carpet from the cat puke. That's how I almost messed mine up was trying to make my own oxi-clean solution. Oh well...live and learn. Good luck..


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I think the spot bot is very convenient. Just pick up any solids, spray the stain, place the machine and press start. As pigolden says you must use the special cleaning fluids and the oxi-clean fluids are best for organic stains. I've been using mine regularly for 2.5 years and a few months ago I had to replace the cap and 0-rings on the water holding tank (it was leaking). I ordered a replacement cap online for about $5 and they sent me 2. I think it either was worn out or that I had used too warm water than screwed the cap on too tight which stretched the cap out. So be careful and just use room temperature or cold water. Not warm or hot. I think it is great that they sell replacement parts so the whole machine doesn't need to be scrapped for a minor failing.

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