Bringing On The Fall

phonegirlSeptember 29, 2011

I couldn't wait for Oct. to start my fall decorating so here's my first of fall setting. Found these chargers for .25 ea at GW. Lg plates are from Pier 1 but I found them at a ys. I've used my wht plates with the berries and leaves before. Dug out some berry garland to match and added some faux gourds and pumpkins.

DD picked up the small leaf plates at Target on clearance last year. She also bought the new napkin rings for me. Two have leaves and two have sunflowers.

I found the wheat candle holders and vase this summer while out shopping. Used a couple of fall picks for the cp. The little ceramic scarecrow basket was DM's. Picked up a couple sets of Indian corn candles ys this summer. The candle holders were the ones I had on the buffet. Traded them for my little pumpkins which added a little color to the buffet.

Jeanne, notice TJ's candle? Won't be going Up In Smoke now.hehe Waiting for Teegan with open arms to join us!

Always good to have a season change and I have a start on it now! The serving cart is our 1st finished piece. I'll share pictures of the process upon completion. Can't wait to finish the others.

Will head to the office now. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


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Beautiful!!! Punk
Immediatly the candle holders jumped out at me, love them, and the glassware ties back to the table cloth so nicely.
Your plates are perfectly color balanced and I really like the leaf ones on top (gonna put those on my wishin list). I see the little round mirrors as well, one of my favorite tricks for accenting. :)
Happy Fall!

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Punk...1st off, your linens...the t'cloth & napkins are so beautiful for this Fall table! & the multi-colored glassware! Wow! Love the colors...those leaf salad plates! Plus the candlesticks! That combination of color is so rich! Great candyshot!

I always enjoy the CUTEness you add to your decor! The ceramic scarecrow (where you share your DM) & the scrawcrow painted plate. You found some really cute assessories with the corn candles & napkin rings...& your centerpc spray looks great! (I am not good w/arranging I am impressed seeing others' skills).

Now TJ...she is just as cute as ever! Are you looking into a new wardrobe for her yet! tee-hee! LOL! Love the pumpkin bowl & her stemware...yes, the tealight is a good thing! ;-)

Have I seen the teacart before? (I forget) looks gorgeous! What fun decorating your buffet & teacart! TFS, punk! Have a good day (working). Jeanne S.

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This is a perfect fall table. The leaf plates are wonderful. I Loove the Indian corn candles! The buffet and serving cart look wonderful too. As usual TJ looks happy to be part of the festivities. I really love the way this table looks in the soft glow of lamp light.
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful table, Punk.

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Really love that last picture, everything looks so coordinated and warm and homey. Love the leaf plates, corn candles, and well just all of it. You did a really nice job on this one, Punk. Love it! Kay

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Punk you did such a lovely job on this table! It speaks
'FALL' !
Great color scheme with your linens, layered plates (love the leaf plates), glassware AND those fabulous Corn candles! The little scarecrow basket from DM is darling.
You're so lucky to have so many wonderful things of hers to decorate with.
Little TJ fits right in with her little pumpkin bowl and her 'safety candle' By the way, what does your DGD think of her?
I agree with Luvs, your last picture looks so warm and homey. Sure makes me feel that I'd be sitting there waiting for a special home cooked meal!
You really collected many different dishes and accessories since you first started and each table is exciting to see.

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Another super pretty table, Punk! So much to see, I've scrolled back up several times and probably still won't get it all commented on. Gosh how I love Fall decorating!
The indian corn candles are really unique, and so perfect for this table. The brown candleholders and your goblets are striking together. The buffet is delightful, but I can't wait to see a close-up of the serving cart!!

TJ looks like she's holding her hand out to the candle and saying "See,this one is safe." LOL.
You definitely are going to have get that girl some clothes for the holidays. I don't think her pink outfit is going to work. ;o) And I will have the SAME problem with Teegan. She's not here yet, but her outfit looks so adorable, tho I know I've got to change it soon. sigh. I will let myself enjoy it for just a bit then do some shopping for her. LOL. Plus find her some sort of chair without breaking the bank. I have a feeling those old wood high chairs are not cheap here, especially at the antique mall. Also I may have to shop alone, not sure I want to explain to my two good friends who go with me WHY I'm looking for a high chair! They already shake their heads at all the 'stuff' I buy there now.

I guess you and I both got bit by the Fall bug, yesterday afternoon I finally started decorating. Spent several hours doing it. Then around midnight, I was wide awake and looking at my efforts...and didn't like a darn thing. LOL.
So I redid it all and finally went to bed around 6am. Sad part is I'm not done decorating yet. Maybe 'tonight'. sigh. If I can still walk on legs that hate me.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Don't blame you at all for starting your fall decorating a bit early...if you're like me, you've just had enough of this never ending summer. Love your tablescape. Really like the Indian corn candles...never seen those before. All of your decorations are great...thanks for the inspiration!

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Well, I love it all; the table, the tea cart, the side table, TJ, the colors...all of it.
The top of your corner cabinet is fab!
I really like the wide shot, it gives a super view of the room.

Ditto to what everybody else said.


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Wow Everyone, you sure know how to make a girl feel Super! You are all the sweetest.

Our DR no longer looks like this. We finished the DR furniture we had purchased to help abused children and moved it in today. I will be sharing pictures as I need some help from all of you. I also need to buy something to go above the buffet if I keep it there.

I worked 6 long days this week and Sat. was crazy. I brought in some of my decorations and pretty much threw them out and about. Sorry I didn't get back here to thank all of you before now.


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your pictures are so inviting and soothing - everything is so co-ordinated and .... well... so fallish. Looking forward to see what you are doing next. After the extreme heat of the summer I am so enjoying all the fall decorations. I have always liked fall but never looked forward to it as much as I have this year. The nip in the air is such a welcomed relief - I think we all are experiencing just a little more energy now. TFS your pictures .....


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