Protective chair glides--is there something better than these?

kaisermustDecember 4, 2009

Does anyone know of anything better than those stick-on felt pads you put on your dining room chair legs to protect from scratching your hardwood floor when you get up and down from the table? I tried those nail-on white plastic chairs tips but I found they wore down too quickly and made superficial scratches on our kitchen laminate floor. Have been using those stick-on felt pads but am forever replacing them all too quickly--annoying, tedious, a pain, plus they attract all the loose dust bunny hairs from our four footed family members. There's got to be a better solution, right? Any other products you've used with great success? If so, where to buy, please. Thanks.

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I haven't found anything better than the felt pads. No matter what you put on the bottom you will have dust bunnies. Even the chair without anything will get them on the bottom simply because you are dragging it on the floor.

However all felt pads aren't created equal. I bought a solid pad you cut in my hardware store when we first got our table and they lasted until all the felt was worn away. I bought those disks from the dollar store and they fell off, so the more expensive ones were better.

When you put them on make sure the chair bottoms are very clean and dry to give maximum sticking power.

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I bought some tap-in felt pads called Safeglides and I love them. They don't slide off like the stick-on kind and are showing no wear after 6 months use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Safeglides

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