Boston-Area Home Inspector Recommendation

sailormassApril 24, 2012

Hi--I'm having a new home built by a builder-developer. I am looking for recommendations for a home inspector in the Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area.

This is for a pre-drywall/pre-insualation inspection. I have caught numerous mistakes by the contractor and subs myself thus far, so I'm looking for somebody very smart, experienced and careful. I need a very meticulous inspection and need someone with expertise in many areas.

I also need someone who can specifically address the hvac system in the house--sufficiency of vents and returns, whether the system can adequately cool and heat the entire house, etc. If that takes a separate inspector, I am prepared to pay a second person.

I'd appreciate any recommendations anyone can give me and, in particular, inspectors you've worked with who you think are excellent and who you thought were mediocre (so I can avoid the latter).


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In what town is the project located?

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Eastern Massachusetts

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I know where Boston is.

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The American Society of Home Inspectors ("ASHI") website allows you to search for ASHI certified home inspectors by zip code or city. The site also gives a lot of information about what a home inspector should look for and what they would not be responsible for looking at and information about home inspection laws in various jurisdictions, etc.

I was VERY pleased with my ASHI-certified home inspector (unfortunately he works in central Texas so wouldn't be able to help you.) I can tell you though that he was tons more knowledgeable about good building practices than my builder and spent hours at my home inspecting things and the explaining to my builder why he needed to make certain changes... and then coming back out to make sure the changes were made. I doubt that all ASHI certified home inspectors are as good - but at least that would be a starting point.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Society of Home Inspectors

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Thanks! Glad you had a such a good experience, bevangel. I had a home built in Virginia in the 90s and had a terrific inspector--of course, it helped that my builder was just wonderful and as honest as the day is long.

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