ohcathyDecember 7, 2009

My husband saves most coupons and ads and usually on the kitchen table. He gets angry when I throw them away. Is there anyway just to keep them off of the kitchen table? I've tried boxes, but I've got two filled boxes in the kitchen right now.

What do other people do?

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Having coupons unorganized is the surest way not to use them.

Go to the dollar store and pick up a box of regular envelopes and some 6x10 mailing envelopes.

On the mailing envelopes at the top, mark catagories like foodstuff, cleaning, and so on. You decide the catagories. On the small envelopes mark the months the coupons expire.

When he clips coupons have him put them in the apropriate small envelopes by expiry date and then into the appropriate catagory envelope.

Stand the envelopes up in a box with something weighty behind so they stay standing up. You could also look into those file box things that go behind files and keeps the things in front from falling over.

This way you can grab an envelope when you go shopping and you'll know when the coupons inside have expired and have to be discarded.

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