Fun Halloween Decorating Projects

SeasonalDecorating__September 27, 2013

This year I have been working hard to create new ideas for Halloween. I used a lot of effects with black lighting last year, and decided to expand on the idea more this year. Black lighting creates the most unique coloring and you can make almost anything light up without the decoration needing to be plugged in! Here are some of the projects I have come up with this year, Hope you enjoy! (Pictures have text because I use them on my FB page)

Create spooky pumpkins by applying gems or as pictured Gem Stickers.

"Boo" Pumpkins. Easy to make, just apply gem stickers, or apply single gems with glue to make your own spooky saying!

Make your spider webs extra spooky this year. Paint the eyes of plastic spiders with fluorescent orange paint. Add a black light near by and watch them glow!

These roses are a great addition to your Halloween decor! Use them as a spooky centerpiece or accent shelves with them. These eye-catching flowers are made by first spray painting silk roses black, leaving some color showing through. Next paint the edges with fluorescent orange craft paint by lightly dabbing the edges of the petals with a small brush. Finally, make them glow with the help of a black light! Try using other fluorescent paint colors such as eerie green or yellow!

These cute pumpkins look great and are easy to make! Simply apply mustache stickers and glue on eyes!

Create spooky spell books by wrapping books in patterned black and white paper. Add text and other details with fluorescent craft paint. Choose an assortment of patterns and have solid black books to separate the different patterns in your spell book stacks. To create perfect letters purchase letter stickers in the font of your choice, then go over the letters with the fluorescent craft paint. Once dry, apply to your books!

This almost life size witch was drawn across 3 sheets of tag board. After Image is drawn, cut out pieces, then attach pieces together with glue. Finally attach clear window cling film squares to the silhouette with double sided tape and apply silhouette to the window!

Create this spooky tree silhouette for your next Halloween Party! Cut out trunk and branches from black tag board, then apply to wall with painters tape. Add crow or bat silhouettes for an even spookier look.

I had a lot of fun with all of these projects! I can't wait to post pics of the full party space when it gets done! :)


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SD, I love these projects.
The tree and the witch are my favorites, I'd love to try them but I
have so much going on I doubt if I have time, so are you busy??

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I have been busy with my classes and creating new fall/halloween card designs, decor, candles and wax melt scents with my brother (for sale in an antique/gift shop), visiting family to decorate for Halloween, and of course decorating for my own Halloween Party lol. I started on all these projects early September, so it hasn't been too much work, I just try to do something new each week. I think I owe it to my grandma for my excitement for the holidays and seasons. She always let us help her decorate when we were growing up, and we still do decorate for the seasons together. Past fun memories and traditions keep me ambitious :)


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Great ideas and sounds like you have so much fun with your projects and decorating!

So glad you have the memories and traditions to keep you motivated.


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SD, thanks for sharing these Halloween projects.
So fun to see what you've come up with. My DM
set elaborate tables and decorated over the
top for the Holidays. Guess that's why I enjoy
decorating too.

Hope to see more from you soon.


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Wow! You are so very creative! I love the pumpkin 'gems' idea! & that silhouette witch is a 'scream!' I can see you are having alot of fun & I bet the party is a blast! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great decorating ideas SD..
Love the silhouettes the best.
It's good that you're able to come up with different ideas
each year. I find most of the fun is in the planning and creating stages.
.I'm sure everyone looks forward to seeing
what you've created ea year.

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