Hood insert recommended by appliance store, is it the right one?

strayerdarbMay 10, 2013

This is the hood insert that the appliance person told me to get to go over my new Bosch 800 Series 36" Induction Cooktop.

AK8100AS Zephyr Blower Int, 600 CFM, Power Pack

27" Tornado I Power Pack Insert with 600 CFM Internal Blower, 6 Sones, 3 Speed Levels, Dual-Level Halogen Lights and Mechanical Slide Cont

I admit that ventilation is an area of this kitchen remodel where I am completely clueless and I have not been able to grasp all the informaiton I have been reading. I don't know what an internal blower is, or what power pack means, nor if these things are normal/standard or optional and if I need them.

If this is not a suitable hood insert, can someone make a recommendation? It will be an insert in the cabinetry.
Thanks so much.

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I am so not an expert, but am also considering a Zephyr insert for over a 36" induction cooktop (probably Miele), and from what I've gleaned 27" doesn't seem wide enough. Based on recommendations that exhaust hood be at least 6" wider than cooktop, I'm looking at the AK94AS ("Power Monsoon DCBL") - blower goes from 250 min. to 715 max. CFM. I THINK that "power pack" means that you're buying the operational guts of the hood (motor, grease-collecting apparatus, lights, etc.) to be installed in your own enclosure (e.g. cabinetry, custom fabricated metal surround, etc.), and that "internal blower" means that the mechanism that actually blows the nasty stuff out of your kitchen is located right within the guts that you're buying - as opposed to having the blower within the ductwork or outside at the end of the duct run ("external blower"). Hope that I haven't horribly mangled anything & that someone with more knowledge will chime in!

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Is there anyone that can clarify this for us? If you have a 36" cooktop, which hood insert do you have (brand size, CFMs, etc.)?

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Here is the Bosch hood insert. Is it better to choose the same brand as the cooktop? Here is how it is described on the Bosch website:

29" Custom Insert Hood
Custom Ventilation - Stainless Steel DHL755BUC

400 CFM Blower Included
2 Halogen Lights
Wall or Island Installations Up to 36" Wide
Four Power Levels
Dishwasher-safe Mesh Filters
Slide-Switch Control

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An insert is a hood with unfinished exterior sides. If you want to put cabinetry around a hood, use an insert. If you want an exposed hood, purchase one that is finished on the outside (usually just called a hood).

To ventilate, a fan is needed to move air through the hood and ducting to the (usually) outside, and as noted above, a hood ventilation system can be configured to use a fan in the hood, a fan in the ducting, or a fan on the roof or side of the house. Some suppliers use "power pack" to make the fan seem more impressive.

Hoods and inserts need not be the same brand as the cooktop, unless their styles are consistent and that look is necessary.

To address what is needed in size and flow rate is another very long subject and questions should follow spending significant time reading relevant messages on this forum.


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Thanks, I've been reading the threads about ventilation, but I'm not sure I really understand most of it.

We are planning an insert to be covered with cabinetry.

I will re-read some of the ventilation threads to try to get a better understanding.

I'm ordering all my appliances in the next day or so. I think I will leave the ventilation out of this purchse for now.


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fyi - the hood pictured has mesh filters - most people consider baffles a better choice.

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