Anyone have urinal in their bathroom??

twingleMay 17, 2013

I have 4 boys between 8 and 13. How do I phrase this ....there are constant wet seats and misses on the floor. My youngest son is autistic. He seems to be neater with a urinal. I will be remodeling the family bathroom. I was thinking of putting a urinal in bathroom. Does anyone have any experience with a urinal in your home bathroom?? Pros/cons?? Is it really wierd? I thought its really no different than a bidet. Thoughts?

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Tim Sutherland

I don't have one but I have seen them in homes in a small separate room (like a toilet room but smaller) and set up as a bidet next to the throne. If I was building a home from scratch I would have at least one urinal in the house.

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While I understand your notion that a urinal may be neater, why not just train the boys? They are going to go to other people's homes - shouldn't they be "housebroken" rather than leaving misses and wet seats everywhere they go? I found that once my son had to clean his bathroom, he was a lot more careful with his aim - he doesn't like cleaning up urine any more than I did.

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Someone who posted here, maybe last year, put one in. Not for kids but for an all male household, I think. Maybe search for it; he posted his completed bath pics.

I sure agree with training your boys and making them clean up after themselves. Just why are women the ones who seem to get stuck with this job? You'll be making some future spouses very happy!

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Sophie Wheeler

Most "regular" sized bathrooms don't have room for both a toilet and a urinal. They require the same amount of space around them as the toilet does and that space has to come from somewhere. Better to put in a floor drain and use a fire hose to clean the space if the boys are having to much fun hosing down their surroundings.

Maybe a few stickers like this would help.

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I can definitely see the benefits in a household full of men/boys. I wouldn't think it weird if it was placed so that a person using the regular toilet did not have to face it or have it right next to them while sitting.

We have our 11 year old clean the front bathroom, and as others have said, it improves the aim. Before that I was tired of all the mess under the seat, around the seat, on the floor, on the wall (!) . I don't even use that bathroom, but on our remodel we are putting in a 1/2 bath to spare the guests from seeing all the clutter that comes with a family bath. I check periodically and re-clean as an 11-year old does not have the same standards that I have.

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