Cleaning Laminate floor

candicorneDecember 29, 2008

HOW do I get my laminate wood floor to look clean and shiny???? Everytime I mop it just drys with a film on it and it is hard to walk in socks. I have only used laminate cleaner, sometimes vinegar and otherwise, just water!! Please help me!

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I clean mine with Glass Plus and a micro-fiber mop. Just spritz the floor and mop over it with the micro-fiber. If you previously used a cleaner on it you may have a residue that is smearing when you mop it. I tried using a steam mop on mine and that was a streaky mess. Just plain water streaks if I don't towel dry it. Glass plus is the only thing I have found that won't streak.

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The biggest problem I have with my laminate floor is washing. I've tried every mop out there with no luck. If you let the floor dry on its own you will get water marks and it doesn't feel clean. Having to get on the floor and dry it by hand means you'll clean it about once a month, if that! I found that the Bissell Flip It Select worked the best. It's like a vacuum mop with suction. It has a pad on the bottom which cleans the floor but it sucks the water back up. I can't recommend the Bissell itself as I have already returned 2 of them. I am on the third broken one and the store I bought it from is closed so I can't return it. You might want to find something similar. Right now I am using my steam cleaner. However it doesn't work on its own. I find that for really good results I have to spray the floor with a mix of 50/50 water and vinegar, then go over it with the steamer. I do one section at a time so the vinegar doesn't dry on the floor. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't. It only take a second to spray the floor. For quick clean ups I bought one of those Swiffer kits. I don't use the Swiffer wet cloths though. I found that attaching a clean rag to the swiffer and then spraying the floor with the vinegar/water mix does a great job. We have 2 dogs who come directly into the kitchen after being outside so I have to spot clean often. I just pop the rags in the wash and it saves a lot of money. The wet cloths that go with the swiffer are not cheap.

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I use a contraption that has a terry cover over it and hardwood cleaner. I (well, my cleaning lady really does it but once in a while I get energetic) spray the cleaner onto the floor and then wipe it with the mop. You can buy the hardwood cleaner as a concentrate and then dilute with water. it is much cheaper that way. Anyhow, I get streak-free floors and this works well on both my hardwood and the new laminate we have in our family room. Spraying the mophead and then wiping doesn't work well at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mop and Cleaner

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What do you mean by it being hard to walk in socks? Is it sticky?

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I'm not sure what candicorne meant but for me it's not "sticky" per se, it's more like a residue on the floor that makes it difficult to walk on. When the floor is really clean you can slide you feet on it. When it has the residue if you try to slide your feet you almost "stick" to it. It's not smooth.

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I have used for the last 5 years a couple drops of dish detergent and a big bucket of hot water. No residue at all.

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lulundave? On laminate floors??

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Lulundave -- me, too! Best results, by far better than any commercial "product." Cleaning my new (last year) laminate floors to my satisfaction had been the bane of me, til I finally got everything right. A good mop with a thick removable microfiber pad, a bucket of hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Wring the pad out well and there won't be any streaking. No residue, no stickiness. Til I got the right mop (this one is fairly wide and the mop head is completely flexible), I was doing the cleaning with a microcloth on my hands and knees -- and we've got 2000SF of flooring! I'd been using a combination of white vinegar and water in a spritz bottle, but the floors weren't getting clean "enough" for me. Ceiling fans help with drying but not necessary for no streaks.

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Yes, on laminate floors. I use a regular dish detergent (not the ones for dry hands with lotion in it) You only need a couple drops. Your water will not be full of suds. Just watery with a few bubbles here and there.
Three quarters of my house is laminate. This works great.
I use a Vileda blue and white yacht mop and the Vileda bucket and I wring the heck out of it. Or, if I am really ambitious I do it on my hands and knees with a J-Cloth wrung out well.

Good Luck.

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Try a IRobot Scooba! They really do work and the floor will be truely washed AND Rinsed! I'd never part with mine, worth every cent! I do not leave mine to work alone, rather do edges and spots as it goes and sometimes, dry mop with spray rubbing alcohol for extra shine.

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I used an anti slip underlay under the rug on my new laminate floor but was horrified to discover that when I moved it, it has left behind a sticky residue. I was told that white spirit would remove the stickiness but was reluctant to try as it's quite a large area. I've managed to get rid of most of the stickiness by means of a lot of rubbing with a microfibre cloth but am still left with an outline, where the underlay has been. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of it?
If i have to use white spirit do I need to wash it off afterwards and if so with what?

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I saw the 2 English ladies on "How Clean is Your House" clean a floor with water, a splash of ammonia and a few drops of liquid dish soap. I am using this method on my linoleum basement floor. Works pretty good.

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I use the product recommended by the flooring manufacturer and a real good microfibre mop. I buy the products at HD. Works great.

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Many pets, the snow, the salt got into my floor. So I bought Pledge floor cleaner for laminate/wood floors, no good, left it dull. I then got a laminate floor regjuvinator. Goes on like paint (they say) and shines beautifully. Then you follow up with the rejuvinator cleaner when ever you clean. I find this works best. My problem is that from all the other stuff I used previously the surface dirt underneath never got out. So although its now clean and shiney, theres dirt and hair underneath the surface that I see when I clean and can't get off. So I'm going to look into how to take it all off and start over. Ugh!

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Vacuum regularly and than use a good steam cleaner at least once a week..The hot steam removes any film or build up and a lot less chemicals are used in your home..

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Everything I read and everyone I talk to says/say that steam cleaning laminate floors is a terrible thing to do. I moved into a house that has crappy, blonde laminate flooring in the family room, entryway and hallways....and I absolutely hate it but can't afford to replace it at this time. I have used the Swiffer wet pads and 409 Cleaner, but it is so hard on my back. Would like to find a surefire method of cleaning that won't tear my back up each time.

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I can't say anything bad about the mop and for one simple laminate cleaning product . I'm using that since 4 ears and I have no problems

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I have had all the same troubles with my laminate floors, which were in my home when I bought. I love the hard flooring, and currently we have 4 dogs, so lots of dirt, dust, leaves, water, snow, ice, pebbles, and whatever else sticks to the two rough coat collies' coats comes in and lands on my floors. So far, what I've found works the best and, ultimately, requires the least time and sweat from me is the following:

1) I vaccuum with a Eureka Pet Lover Plus, which has an on/off brushroll for use on hard floors. This machine does an incredible job of vaccuuming hard floors, better than any other machine I've tried, and I've tried a lot! It gets ALL of the loose debris off the floors and leaves them shiny, except for dirt that must be washed off.

2) I use the Hoover Floor Mate to wash the floors. This machine CAN be used to vaccuum prior to washing, but I have never been shot in the head with its vaccuuming skills, but it blows away every other product I've tried for washing the floors and leaving them clean, residue free, and streak free. The Floor Mate uses a two tank system. One thank holds the clean solution, which the machine sprays, in a misting pattern, onto the floor. With the flip of a switch, a scrubbing brush the width of the head drops down and you can srub the floor as needed to losen stuck on debris. Flip the same switch and the bruch pulls up, leaving a squeege that wipes the floor dry as the vaccuum sucks the dirty water up into the second holding tank. The Floor Mate is easy to take apart and the parts easily rinse clean with just hot water.

These floors are old, and the finish is not good -- many scratches and abrasions which were present before I even bought the house, but using this system leaves these floors clean (and I mean walk-on-them-in-white-socks clean!) and as shiny as these old floors will get without refinishing. I imagine that new (or even new-er) laminate floors will shine like they did in the showroom using these machines.

Kit, I'd love to know what you used to refinish your floors, as I'd like to give mine a shot. I sure would be nice to have them looking really good for once!

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Will steam cleaning a laminate floor once a week, harm the floor?

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Vapor steamers will not harm a laminate or even a wood floor for the matter..They do not output anywhere enough water to harm even the most delicate wood floor...The best think about vapor steam clearners, whether the canister type or the inexpensive upright just for floor type, is they do an excellent job cleaning, sanitizing and use no chemicals...

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I make my own laminate floor cleaner which consists of equal amount of Taaka Vodka and water, half as much white vinegar, a few drops of essential oils and 1 squirt of Dawn. I spray and clean with a microfibre push mop. This solution cleans, deodarizes, and doesn't leave a film or residue.

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I have used the Hoover Floor-mate and its cleaners on my laminate floors, tile, and vinyl for 10 years now and they all clean beautifully. The machine vacuums, washes, and sucks up the water leaving the floors totally dry and the room smelling fresh. No streaks, no film, no dullness-just beautiful squeaky clean floors. After you dump that first Floor-mate reservoir of filthy cleaning solution and water down the toilet you will never want to use anything else to clean your laminates.

I have tried microfiber mops with commercial and home recipe laminate cleaning solutions for those small oops when I didn't want to bring out the Floor-mate. The results are always dismal, with a lot of elbow grease required to remove the inevitable dull streaky mess.

The Hoover Floor-mate isn't cheap and it's noisy as heck, but it has given me 10 years of trouble free service while cleaning better than anything else I've tried. It's available at Home Depot and Wal-mart, along with a variety of cleaners, and replaceable spin scrubbers that after 10 years have finally worn down enough to replace. It's so easy to use even a guy like me can do it. What more can I say?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoover Floor-mate

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My floor guy recommends the Squeaky cleaning system. It is a microfiber cloth (like a swiffer) and the Squeaky solution comes in a spray bottle. A few sprays and run the mop over it.... then remove the cloth and into the washer it goes. Use regular detergent to wash the mop head and no softener... works great so far!


Here is a link that might be useful: Squeaky floor care system

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The salesman told us to use the Shark cleaning system, has anyone tried it? We do not have the floors in yet and I am getting scared, we decided on a high shine floor that is 12mm thick and now I wish we just got carpet again.

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I work for a flooring store you do not use a sponge mop on your laminate flooring and you should not be dunking the mop into water. You need laminate floor cleaner and a microfiber mop head you spray directly on to the microfiber mop and clean the floor.

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Be careful using window cleaners that contain ammonia on your laminate floors. While okay to use for occasional stains, cleaners that contain ammonia can strip away the protective sealant on laminate floors!!!!!

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The way I understand it when using your steam cleaner you can purchase the laminate cleaning liquid,not just water,or glass cleaner or plain water,an definitely not hardwood floor cleaner.As these cleaners can riun you flooring,,just saying.I had 4 rooms just put in an my steamer cleaner for laminate looks great when Im done. I have 4 dogs my floors do not get all that dirty an i clean them 3-4 times a week.

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I just had new laminated floor put down a week ago and put wood floor polish down thinking that it was ok but it has dull spot in some areas of the floor .I am afriad to try do anything on it .

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I have a faux bamboo laminate flooring in my home. It's very durable but we were told [post installation] by the flooring people not to get it wet or it would absorb the water and blow up. We've had a couple of small accidents where something has spilled and not found until later and indeed this is the case! How do I clean something like this? Any advice? Right now I use a dry swiffer but feel the need to use some form of moisture on occassion to get the dirt up--

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I am looking for a way to clean my hardwood laminate floors without them warping. I used a swiffer mop in a small area for a test and dried with a paper towel and still had a little warping. I am scared to use any liquid on my floor, but need to clean them. Please help??!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You folks with laminate problems, might want to also post to the link below, where there are several flooring experts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flooring Forum

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Once, when I was checking out of a motel, I looked at the chambermaid's cart. She had a swiffer with a plain old washcloth safety-pinned over its' head. Not sure what soap/cleaner/ she used.

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This is how my floor shines. First mop with part mixture of pine sol and murphys oil soap and warm water. After floor dries, go over with steamer ( I use the shark). After that dries, you may still may notice some fine streaks. Use the cloth from the steamer ( should be clean and a little damp) and get on your knees and go back over the areas along with a big towel. I only have laminate flooring in my dining area, so its not too much work. Your floor will look super shiney and beautiful!

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Cover it with "Shag!"

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lizzie2, I see you have the same kind of laminate I have. How is yours for cleaning? What are you using?

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I battled the best way to clean my laminate floor for three years. I recently purchased an iRobot Roomba from Sam's Club (like Costco). Best purchase I have ever made! I have animals and felt like I could never vacuum enough. Now the Roomba vacuums for me everyday and once a week I use the Bona Microfiber mop. When I mop with Bona's "Stone, Tile, and Laminate" floor cleaner, my floors don't look cloudy or feel sticky. For the first time, I feel like my floors look and feel clean all the time.

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I did a google search and came across this article. Not sure how often it is checked or replied to but I hope often enough to get a somewhat quick reply.

We just moved in to this house at the begining of March. The whole house is wood laminate flooring which was a big selling point for us because we pets and its easier and cleaner to use a shop vac to vacuum the house.

When mopping I've been using a normal micro fiber type mop with Mr Clean. The issue I'm seeing is when looking at the floor in a certain angle when the sun is shining is I can see the creases of the flooring coming up creating little ridges. I feel that this is being caused by the water and Mr Clean soaking the floor to much. I didn't notice these ripple ups when we moved in.

So I'm wondering if I should be using something different then what I'm using. I mentioned to my wife we should get a swiffer wet jet thing but she is against it. We have used a shark steamer in the past at previous house but that broke and I think the hot steam may damage the floor and cause more lifting (Guessing)

Is the water and cleaner causing my floor to lift?
What do you suggest using?

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I've tried the Bona Cleaner and it left a streaky mess and I've also used Swiffer wet cloths and those made a mess also.
Today I tried the glass cleaner and it seemed to work great. I think the Bona and Swiffer leaves a film on the floor that may take time to clean off. My husband who knows the Armstrong floor rep. said glass cleaner is okay to use so I'm going to try it for a month and see what happens. Have you ever read what is in some of those cleaners. If I can't pronounce I don't usually buy it.

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I've been trying everything to get my floors clean (3 yr old, 1 yr old and dog....). I tried a cleaner called Bruce that was recommended by a Lowes guy....I wasn't impressed and it seemed to leave a residue besides the streaks :(

I like how well my steam cleaner cleans but am afraid of messing up the finish/water damage.

I just tried the vinegar/water/drop of dish soap method and, while it seems to clean nicely (better than the Bruce stuff) it also left streaks (probably fixable by adding more vinegar).

I then checked the lumber liquidator site for tips and found that vinegar (as it's an acid, although comparatively gentle especially if dilute)can cloud the finish. :(

For me the search still goes on (though I'm planning to try out the Bella Wood cleaner). One major tip they have below was to spray the cleaner on the mop not the floor...hmmm.....may make the whole annoying spray floor, put down bottle, wipy-scrubby-scrubby, repeat, repeat, and repeat some more thing go away :)

Check out the link and type in "Maintenance Tips for Hardwood, Laminate and Cork floors". It'll take you to a page with all sorts of info including the why's and why not's of different options.

Here is a link that might be useful: lumber liquidators floor care link

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I have the Bruce 'Park Avenue Makore' laminated hardwood floors, which started to dull and show footprints after I treated myself to getting my house cleaned and I let someone else clean them. Not sure what they put on them, but in the past I have used the Bruce laminate floor cleaner with success. This time, I used the Bruce and when that didn't work, a vinegar and water mix. The film and prints were still there, no matter how many times I scrubbed, even with a microfiber cloth. 'Googled' and found a hint for glass cleaner. Got out my Windex with Ammonia D and now my floors look brand new! Whew!

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To Margaret who wants to know how to get the rest of the floor to match the spot that got lightened by dog pee, I can't believe nobody has suggested that you have your dogs pee on the rest of the floor (uniformly of course). It is truly a testament to the maturity of the [other] members of this forum.

However, I do have another suggestion. I'm guessing the active ingredient in the dog pee that caused the lightening was ammonia. You may want to try and blend around the spot by applying a mild ammonia solution (diluted Windex with ammonia for example) for a couple of minutes and see if it makes the spot less obvious. I suggest trying it on a spare piece of flooring if you have it. Spray straight Windex on and let it sit for a couple of hours to see if it has any lightening effect. Alternatively, you can start cleaning your floor with diluted Windex on a regular basis and the spot may blend in over time. Good luck!

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I have Pergo and hardwood floors and really like Pledge Floor Care 4-in-1 Tile & Vinyl Cleaner, and Pledge Floor Care Hardwood Cleaner. Spray on and wipe with rinsed microfiber mop. Shiney and clean. Until large dog comes back in house. Recommended on a great environmental website called GoodGuide. Love it.

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I was so excited to pet wood laminate floors...they looked great in the showroom...I have a Shark Steam Mop...I've heard different opinions about using it on the wood lamminate. I bought a bona mop and the solution. Everytime I mop with it, I see footprints( both human and pet) appear shortly afterwards...I googled the vinegar/water method and again see positive and negative comments.I just wish they could look like they did in the showroom. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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You should definitely not use vinegar and water to clean laminate. After doing a lot of research I found that the vinegar, which is a mild acid, will eventually start to dull and fade the aluminum oxide coating or top layer of the laminate. It's ok for emergency use, just don't use it on a daily or weekly basis. The best product I found by far is called LamanatorPlus. I used it a couple months ago and my floors are still shiny and look great. Best part for me though is that I have no more footprint problems!!

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Definitely don't use ammonia on ANY floor. It's a mild acid and will eventually eat away whatever it's used on. No matter how diluted your ammonia solution is. That means NO WINDEX- its' active ingredient is ammonia. My Mom used to clean windows with a solution of water and ammonia in a cheap spray bottle. Well, the ammonia didn't eat the glass. Back to flooring, I have the "original " circa 1957 linoleum tiles in my basement. I used to clean that floor with ammonia and water. It started out shiny but is now very dull, I can't get the shine back. I'm certain I damaged the linoleum surface over the years with my ammonia mopping. The Voice of Experience.

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Laminate wood floor requires special cleaning techniques and care to maintain its beauty, as it is not like other tile floor or vinyl floor. You can follow this method:
Sweep it with the help of plain plastic or bristle broom and sweep lightly because dry mops can leave scratch. Remove all the dust and debris from the floor, pay special attention to the corners where the dust gets accumulate.
Many wood laminate floor companies recommend not using cleaners like pine scented style or Morphy's Oil Soap on laminate floors. Use special cleaners available in the market which is safe for laminate flooring.
Clean the floor with dampen sponge mop in a clean water and be sure to wiring out excess water.
By this proper care, your laminate floor would remain attractive and durable for many years.

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YESSSSS! Hot water and some Dawn dish soap worked great! I used an old fashion string mop and toweled it dry with my feet as I went,going backwards out of the kitchen, so happy! Straight water left an awful mess as did water and vinegar, foot prints were everywhere. Thanks for the tip!

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I have two different brands of laminate in my home and the directions that came with the flooring both suggest the same cleaning methods. 1 c. vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water. Or 1/3 c. ammonia to 1 gallon of water. Damp mop only. NO abrasive cleaners, detergents, soaps, waxes or polishes. DO NOT use rotating beater bars, floor scurbbers, steamers, jet mops or similar products. DO NOT allow liquids to stand on the floor, wipe up spills immediately. Do not allow moisture to be on floor for longer than 30 minutes.

With that being said, my floors in my kitchen seem to look dull but I am too scared to try anything else on them. My floors in the lower level have just been installed and I have not cleaned them yet. I am thinking of a swiffer just to keep the dust up. The person that uses a windex type of cleaner may be ok. I just dont know the ratio of ammonia to water in the product.

Hope this helps.


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Yes, I recently got St. James high gloss hardwood floors, only because they are guaranteed for life not to scratch etc. I use vinegar and water to clean them, spray with a spray bottle and get down on my hands and knees and wipe try with big towel, it makes them so clean and shiny, my problem is I have a boxer puppy and a yorky and you can see their foot prints all over the floors, it drives me crazy!! I need someone to help me find something that keeps their paw prints from showing I can get them off but it is a every day if not a view times a day job!! Love my dogs and love my floors!! Please help!! Getting rid of the dogs or floors are not an option lol

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Here are a few steps that might help you guys:
1. If you want to shift your furnitures from one place to another, don't drag them as it damages the floors to a great extent.
2. If you are having trouble to remove stains from the floor, use acetone based nail polish remover.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet cleaning Dublin

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I've read every suggestion posted here. My findings are as follows:

never use glass cleaner on laminate it contains ammonia and will eventually deteriorate the protective coating as per the Bruce Flooring Mfg website. Of course they recommend laminate floor cleaner however can be expensive.

never use steam mops, water will eventually warp the boards because the water does get in between the boards not recommended by the mfg, unless of course you are on your hands and knees wiping the floor dry.

never use Swiffer it just causes a big mess of smears and streaks, especially the kind with Febreeze. This is from a couple of friends who used this product and got the above results.

THE BEST option I found as I did this myself was to first clean the floor by hand with a bucket of water a few drops of dish hand soap to remove the residue from the other cleaners you may have used. I used a clean "fabric softener free" cloth to both wash and dry the floor. Fabric softener just causes smears and a big mess. Was time consuming but totally worth it as it got rid of all the residue that had accumulated. This option withstood the "FOOTPRINT" test and I am overjoyed!!!

The next time I cleaned my floors I used a spray bottle of plain hot water with a couple drops of dish hand soap and my microfiber mop cleaning a small area at a time. No more streaking, smearing, no residue and especially no "FOOTPRINTS!"

Thank you everyone for your suggestions it was most helpful!

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I have tried most of the tips suggested to clean laminate floors but in most cases, the floor still looks dull and with streaks. The only solution that works is to spray WINDEX MULTI SURFACE WITH VINEGAR and then use a soft cloth to wipe dry. The floors will come out shinny and look just like new.

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This topic is so old but will add to it. I fill a spray bottle with water and add about 1/4 cup white vinegar. I spray a portion of the laminate floor and wipe it up with a mop covered in a turkish hand towel. Then go on to another portion. When finished, I take a dry turkish towel and put it on the mop and wipe it dry....Can let it dry naturally but if I use the dry towel, it really shines. Love my laminate floors....they are in the kitchen/dining room /laundry room.

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Recently installed laminate flooring in my whole home, i had it in my previous home and loved it. (9) yrs...after installation I bought 1. A steamer, 2. Shark spray and mop, sponge mops, and microfiber cloths...every time I washed
the floor there would be a filmy like coating that would leave footprints...drove me crazy because I never had that problem before in my last I thought what is so different? I paid a lot more per sq.ft on this than last was the only difference. Then it dawned on me...I always used an old fashioned string mop on my other floors with a solution of vinegar an water...I went to the DOLLAR store and bought a string mop went home, vacuumed the floors, made the solution of vinegar and water put my mop in it wrung it out really well and THAT finally solved my problem !! Took me 4 months to figure it out but I finally did

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For Libraryliz and the problem with no skid mat sticking to your floor. Just use some goo gone. These floors are very tolerant.The things that can really damage them are water and steam. I try to use as little moisture as I can when cleaning and never use steam or your floor will start lifting and warping. They are really very easy to care for and I think we try to make it more difficult than needed. Use a good mop that can be wrung out well. The tiny bit of dish soap is great and even window cleaner. But dish soap in a bucket of warm water is easy enough and works great. I turn my ceiling fans on to dry it faster and they look beautiful each time, except when my cat runs in with wet paws. I just love that:)

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