how to dispose of refrigerator and freon????

jaansuMay 28, 2008

My old refrigerator just died and I see my trash hauler charges $90 to take it away but only if I have the freon removed first. First, is it possible that the freon removal can be a DIY job (I kind of doubt it)? Where do I find freon removal services that would do this in my house? And are there any other options for getting rid of a refrig than paying the $90 to BFI? Break it up and put it in the trash piecemeal? Just wondering if there are any other cheapos out there that saved some cash. Note, I don't want to add to the global warming - I do want the freon disposed of. Or is it likely that since my refrig utterly stopped cooling suggest that the freon all leaked out already, in which case why get the service?

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Probably from numerous HVAC companies, particularly if it is a FREON that isn't used anymore, but was used in old AC units. They charge a premium for that FREON, as you can't legally buy it anywhere.


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Check with the folks where you are getting your new fridge or where you bought your old one. They should be able to advise you who to contact. Also under appliance service section in your phone book.

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When I bought my new fridge at Sears a few years ago, their delivery service included removal of the old one although I had them move it to the garage instead where it still works.

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I bought a used refrig to replace the existing one so I need an independent organization to take it. A local offerred to take it if I could haul it to him. Why? Does he recover the old freon and sell it?

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My local electric co. (in CA) has been offering $50 for them to take the old inefficient fridge & recycle it correctly.

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Cooling loops in home refrigerators and freezers are hermetically sealed, i.e., welded shut, at the factory. Unless the systems has been pierced by accident, it is extremely unlikely that the refrigerant has leaked out, even after 25-30 years. If your unit isn't cooling properly anymore, but the compressor still runs, it's more likely that it is worn out -- one of the valves has gotten stuck or the pistons are simply leaking, not compressing the gas enough to work efficiently.

A local recycler in my area accepts refrigerators and freezers if you can haul them in yourself, and charges a $10 refrigerant removal fee. He doesn't do the removal, but just passes the cost on from the service that actually does the work. I'd expect it to cost a bit more for a house call.

Considering that my old 1986 Ford Ranger pickup leaked 1 lb. of R-12 refrigerant per year from the day I bought it, presumably from the compressor shaft seal, whether I used the air conditioning or not, and that millions of cars have similar leakage problems that are simply taken for granted by the manufacturers, I wouldn't feel too bad if one of the refrigerant lines in someone's old refrigerator should somehow spring a leak (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Think about it -- millions of pounds of R-12 and R-134a refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere every year from automobiles; no one cares, the Earth's ozone layer is still here, and global warming is now a proven hoax.

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