Prayer Time

phonegirlSeptember 12, 2011

DS is having a back fusion this morning. I haven't been in favor of this but his doctor said it was necessary. I will be at the hospital today and would love all of you to say a prayer for him.


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Prayers for DS and his DR coming your way. God Be with you all today and in the weeks to come for healing and what ever else is needed for recovery. Janet

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I will be praying, Punk!

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Marlene Kindred

Prayers coming your way Punk!

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Prayers sent your son's way Punk and also for you
Keep us posted on how he's doing.

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Yes, prayers to your DS & your family, punk.
I hate the thought of back surgery, too, for your son...we have a daughter who has had 6 over her lifetime (she's 45). So, good thoughts & prayers that a fusion will work wonders for him! Hugs, Jeanne S

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Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way, both for your DS and all the rest of you too!!
I hope it all went well and you will have good news to share with us very soon and your son has a speedy recovery.

((((Punk)))))Hugs and healing energy coming your way,

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Found this later in the evening. Hope all went well. My prayers are for a speedy recover.

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Punk, prayers definitely coming. How awful he needs back fusion, I can understand you not in favor of it. I hope his recovery goes smoothly and his back will be much better. A friend of mine had that several years ago, and it ultimately did help her a lot.

Please keep us updated.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks so much Everyone for all the prayers. DS's surgery was longer than planned so I was pretty nervous. Other than being a little crabby at first from all the drugs he seems to be coming along well.

His sense of humor returned by the end of the day in between the drugs. He walked a couple of times tonight for 5 minutes each time so that's wonderful.

Will be heading back down tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to come home on Wed. I'd like more detail Jeanne on your DD and Karen will hope DS is as lucky as your friend.

Thanks again girlfriends for all the prayers and well wishes.


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Punk, I'm so relieved (as you must be)... to hear that your DS is doing well after his operation.
It's amazing how fast they get you up and going after surgery...but it's all for the best.
Glad to hear his humor had returned..Sort of gives you a sense that he's feeling relieved it's over.
It's good he'll be home on Wed - that alone will make his recovery all the more quicker, not to mention having 'Momma' there to spoil him!!
Back pain is no picnic...
I've just been put on a muscle relaxer and antiflamitory meds for my back. Seems I have a herniated disc.
They thought the pain, since July, was from kidney stones, but CT scan showed the stones on opposite side. So now that the stones have been removed... I'm dealing with the back.
I'm also scheduled for PT, and hoping this will take care of the awful pain. Seems my summer has been in and out of Dr's offices..(oh joy)!


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Punk, I didn't see your post until this morning. I'm glad your DS's surgery went well. I'll keep him in my prayers as he continues to recover.
Wow Jane, Sorry to hear you've had such a tough time this summer I pray the PT will help you get relief.

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I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday. Punk, I know that you were so worried, and I'm so glad that it went well. What a relief, huh? I too will add my prayers for his speedy recovery.

Jane, I knew you had mentioned being at the doctor's one time but not why. I'm so sorry you have been fighting so much pain. The kidney stones alone can be so painful and to have back problems as well--just horrible! Glad the stones have been removed and hope you can get some relief for your back soon. Hang in there!

Hugs to you both!


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Good news, punk! I will email you from home later on (we're in MN yet) ...hugs to you & it sure sounds good to hear your DS has his sense of humor!

@jane.,,good thoughts to you, too & you're now on prayer list...hope you feel better real soon...not fun. Jeanne S.

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I'm sending my prayers too. My 80 year old mom had spinal fusion on two of her vertebrae and she recovered very well from the surgery. She had so much back pain before the fusion, and although her therapy was no picnic, she did quite well after a time and the pain was tremendously decreased.

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Punk, how is your son doing? Sending good thoughts and prayers that he's doing ok, and that he follows the doc's orders during healing. (Men just don't listen!)

Jane, I am really sorry you've had such a difficult, painful summer. Back problems are the pits. I hope the PT works and you feel better.

Bliz, that is amazing your Mom went thru it at her age and did well. WOW. Inspiring actually!! I'm so TERRIFIED of surgery, and never want to be in a hospital. The only time I had surgery was outpatient, in 1981. A Tubal. I'm supposed to have another outpatient surgery in March for a lipoma tumor on back of my neck. Its gotten so big I called it my Alien! LOL. (I have no insurance now but will be on Medicare then.) Saw the doc on Thurs and he said it should be ok to wait.

hugs, Karen

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Sorry I haven't had much time on computers this past week. DS seems to be doing great. He woke up Sat. morning at 7 and said "mom lets go ys". After waking up every hour to give him meds I wasn't sure I was in the mood. But five minutes later I sure was.LOL He doesn't like ys but knows I do so up and off we went. He's still in pain at times since he's trying to cut back on the meds but seems to be working that out.

Jane, so sorry I haven't been on top of what's going on with you! Know I care but not enough me time lately. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope the PT works wonders for you.

Biz, that's wonderful your DM came thru and feels better now. I love a story with a good ending.

Karen, I sure hope your surgery goes well in March. So glad you are able to hold off until the big "M" kicks in.

Thanks so very, very much Everyone for all the posts. It's wonderful to have so many sharing, caring people here. Thanks, Sisters! Wish it wasn't so late and I'd personally answer each post. I'm finally home and it feels good! Attended a soccer game for DGD and had dinner tonight with family at DS. Hoping to catch up on a little shut eye tonight.


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Punk...I'm glad DS is doing so well...even to go YS!
As far as 'YOU'...there's usually no one there for the caregiver! I was laughing over you being so tired...
but after he 'planted the seed' in your only took you 5 mins to decide to go!! Hope you got some good stuff.
and also hope you get to have some 'down' time for you.
I didn't mean to Hijack your post..but thanks for the well wishes..As much as the meds do help, it's good that your DS is weaning off them. (Hugs)

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punk...I don't see an email address for you on your page...I have one so would you click on mine & send me your address...& I'll update you on my DD & her back surgeries. Jeanne S.

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