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kmspartyMay 27, 2010

Has anyone ordered appliances on line and either had good or bad luck experiences they can offer? Specifically, a GE fridge I want is about $200 cheaper from Number1Direct.com and they include a 10 year warranty with it free.

I'm concerned about issues if the fridge comes in damaged or something.

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If it comes damaged don't accept it.

I have ordered a full size BBQ,wall oven, and washing machine online and no problems so far.

I don't know of a retailer that won't dump you onto a manufactur's CS dept if you have a problem outside of the first couple of weeks.

If you have a problem right away some stores will allow you to trade the item back in for another or switch brands.

That is the risk you take for a cheaper price.

I would only be really concerned with a fridge with through the door ice/water dispenser.Those are the most problem prone.

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We purchased most of our appliances on line for our recent kitchen remodel & are fairly pleased. The 10-year warranty actually sounds like a nice addition to ease the concern of buying on-line. Several other considerations include:

-- Saving sales tax increases your savings
-- You will want to be present when delivered & definitely understand the return policies of the vender you are ordering from. Some require you to open the carton in front of the freight company, others only if the carton is broken/punctured.
-- We purchased ours over a few months period partially to take advantage of rebates, as well as we found sales on-line, but a big consideration is that the warranty begins upon delivery instead of when it is installed if purchased locally.
-- We have had warranty work on several of our items & have been very satisfied with the promptness & service we have received, but we will have less warranty since they were delivered several months before installation.

You will need to determine at what level the savings is good enough.

Good luck!

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You do know that you are responsible for taxes on out-of-state purchases (called a Use Tax) even though the online retailer does not charge a sales tax (assuming they do not have a business license in your state). Normally it is the same amount as your states' sales tax. If you do not pay this, you are subject to a penalty and interest if caught. Be careful....the states are starting to come after this. At least in California they are (called the Scoop Program). Good luck!

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I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to contribute my experience with this particular retailer.

If the delivery guy rushes you to sign for your purchase, and he will, make sure you MARK EVERYTHING AS DAMAGED. Even if its fine, if you never submit a claim then it won't go any further than that. BUT, if it IS damaged, even internally, then you'll have recourse and a paper trail to follow. They won't contact you wbout when delivery is, it just happens, and even if you ask when delivery will be or to be notified ahead of time it won't happen. Also, they won't contact you after the purchase, so I would advise e-mailing them about EVERYTHING. E-mail them when you recieve the item, e-mail them the first time you use it. I know it sounds paranoid, but if something goes wrong in the first month you'll have it documented and they can't argue about it or say "well, this is the first we've heard from you about it." Finally, anything concerning delivery itself goes through the shipping company (claims and such), anything within the first 30 days goes through goedekers (number1direct.com), and anything after that goes through the manufacturer.

I share all of this because it was a very expensive and frustrating lesson for me to learn. This isn't like ordering from Amazon or something, and other than the little disclaimer on Goedeker's site about marking as damaged if you can't inspect it, there is no one who will explain to you how to go about it if you have a problem. I don't necessarily think they're a bad seller or a bad site, because I made some mistakes on my end, though it all stemmed from a lack of communication about when they would be delivering. I will say that I won't order from them again, when I can get price matching at Lowe's and actually SCHEDULE a delivery for when I can be there.

Best of luck to you and I hope it all goes as it should: problem free.

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I can not speak about that site but I did AJMadison.com once. They had a range I liked and the price with the sale and rebate they had was several hundred less than anything I could find local so I took a shot and ordered it. I did end up calling them after to add a range hood to the order. they were very nice and even set up the delivery day while they had me on the line so I didn't have to wait for a scheduler to call. They impressed me with how friendly and willing to make sure the order was prefect and I'd be happy than I expected from a retailer in NYC.

The delivery came near the end of the time window they set the night before. The delivery guys were so so. a couple young guys that talked like they were from the city. they had to lift the box up on my back porch about 3 feet off the walk to get it in the house and the one guy said he couldn't do it due to his back so I had to help. delivery guys always hate coming here and to older homes in general it seems. but they did help me get the box in the kitchen undamaged. I signed off for it,they left then I got to unpacking and installing. there has been no problem with the range so far. AJ madison never called back to see that everything was okay but I did not expect that. From what I seen in ordering and setting up delivery I'm sure they would have responded to a problem.

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