Nail Polish on Ceramic Tile, Painted Trim

texanjanaDecember 18, 2007

My daughter dropped a bottle of red (of course) nail polish on the ceramic tile floor in my master bathroom. It shattered, and I got up the polish that I could with polish remover but there is still quite a bit on the tile and the painted trim and door of my linen closet. We will be repainting our house next month, so the painter will take care of the trim and door.

Should I use paint thinner to get the rest of the polish off of the tile? Will it hurt the tile? I know the grout is probably a lost cost. Even though it was sealed, it stained badly. Luckily it doesn't show unless the closet door is opened. Sorry for the long post, and thanks!

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My daughter got BLACK nail polish all over our bathroom. I bought nail polish remover pads and found they worked much better than liquid nail polish. the only thing that still has evidence of the spill is a towel. The polish came off the marble vanity top, ceramic tile floor and formica drawer fronts.

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Sorry my post isn't too clear. I was talking about these individually-wrapped felt pads soaked in nail polish remover. You'll find them in any drug store or beauty supply store. They worked better than the regular liquid remover. Believe me, when that bottle of black polish shattered, I tried using both products methods to get the marks up. i ended up using about 20 of the pads to get all the polish off my bathroom. The only place I can still see a little shadow is in the grout lines of the ceramic bathroom floor tiles.

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Thanks, I will try those pads. I have used them when traveling and they are really handy.

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