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superpoutyduckMay 25, 2013

AJMadison.com has a deal on livingsocial that you can get $500 in credit for only $250. Use the SHARE5 code to save $5 more. Combined with AJMadison's memorial day sales, this could be a hot deal for anyone in need of appliances or a BBQ.

PLEASE USE SOMEONE ELSE'S LINK, MINE IS COMPLETE! Thank you so much for making my bday a good one!

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Never purchased from Living Social before. Do you get your voucher right away?

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Yep, you get it immediately. It was my first time too.

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tmunson - thanks for posting, I just bought it. I see through another post that you had three people buy through yours; hope you don't mind if I post the link below and ask people to buy through this one.

All - with this living social deal, if you get 3 people to buy through your link, yours is free :)

Now if three of you would be so kind...

Here is a link that might be useful: Living Social Link to AJ Madison $500 for $250

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I purchased through a link from the other thread. I am posting my link so that we can continue to fulfill each other's referrals. Please help, and continue the process!

My link: https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/703244?ref=share-link-post&rpi=1192 16432&rui=178602853


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Disabling mine now since it's been fulfilled!

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There's a "conga line" over in Kitchens to help ensure people can get three referrals if possible. I think everyone should go to that thread for links and post there to keep track and spread the love.

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I posted this in response to a similar post in the Laundry Forum. I'll repost it here:

I'll never buy from Living Social again.

They had a $20 local pizza coupon for $10. I signed up, gave them a credit card, and received by coupon. I couldn't get the coupon until the next day, but no problem. I got it.

Over the course of the next several months they sent me email daily with various deals and specials. They were beyond pathetic. None interested me. Eventually, I decided to close my account and end the emails.

I logged into my account and deleted my credit card info. I looked and looked and looked for an option to close my account. None.

I called their customer service and reached a very nice young woman. When I told her I wanted to close my account, SHE SAID I COULDN'T CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. She was very nice. She said I could change my name. I could change my email address to anything I wanted. I could delete my credit card info (already done), but I couldn't close the account.

Her reasoning was that I may want to open it again and I'd want my purchase history intact. No, I don't. Any she was polite but very firm. I could not close my account.

After much protesting, I eventually hung up and changed my name and email address on the account. It bothers me they wouldn't let me close it.

I assume they are promising prospective paying clients some huge number of accounts their deals will reach. I believe their numbers are fraudulent based on the inability of anyone who has ever opened an account to close it, even if the email is pointed to random junk and unused.

I will never sign up with businesses that practice that kind of shady behavior.

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Thanks all. Wow this is rapidly getting confusing.
williamsem - when I bought the AJ Madison / Living Social coupon on the kitchen forum I posted here, knowing others had posted on the kitchen forum.

knot2fast - sorry you had a bad experience with Living Social. I've purchased a few things here and there from AJ Madison; under counter microwave oven, washer and dryer, gas cooktop, sink, faucets... had a very good experience and found they had very competitive pricing, which is why I bought today's 250 for 500 offer, while I technically don't need anything right now. With these offers, you have a few months to buy at the 'offer value' (i.e., 500 worth) and then your purchase reverts to the dollar value of what you've purchased (meaning, you will never lose what you put in); Again, if you're looking to a link to the AJ Madison Coupon, where you pay 250 f0r 500 off, attached is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison / Living Social Link $250 for $500

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