Waterproof paint above tub w/ shower?

morgang48May 31, 2013

Here's the facts: Very small budget, on Social Security. 90 year old house, plaster/lathe walls. Inset tub area has 2' good tile above it, then ugly vinyl wallpaper to the ceiling. Probably oil based paint underneath. I have used a handheld shower and hung clear plastic shower curtain in front of (but not clinging to) the walls for 7 years, no damage I can see. Shower used 1-2x/week, dries quickly.

Now I want to paint the whole bathroom, using waterproof paint in the tub area. Here are options I'm considering:

1) Valspar Ultra Premium OIL-BASED Int/Ext Porch/Floor Enamel which is polyurethane-fortified high-gloss. (I'm leaning toward this one)

2) I have used Zinsser Water Tite on my basement walls with good results. It says it's for concrete but would it work over the plaster wall?

3) A local paint counter person also suggested "maybe" epoxy paint would work, Valspar epoxy clear-coat made for over concrete.

It's just me in the house, and I need to DIY. I expect to live here another 15-20 years.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you expect to live there another 20 years, then kludging this ought to be off of your radar. If you want to turn this into an actual tub/shower that for sure won't have water damage, then you need to save your pennies to do the reno right.

In the meantime, for the next few years while you do that saving, if you are fearful of the potential for water damage, as you ought to be, covering the walls with something like FRP would work better than paint. You can find it at the local box stores, and although not pretty, if you keep the corner seam caulked, it will be waterproof until you can rip everything out and start over with a correctly built tub/shower area.

Then you can use any semi gloss paint outside the wet area. And either run the vent fan or open a window after use to keep things well dried out. Moisture is the enemy of all homes.

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Waterproof paint cannot replace your shower curtain. You must keep the walls dry and then let the room dry out, as well.

Hollysprings urges you to save up for a real shower alcove installation. I understand that your finances are limited. I wonder if there are any church groups or grant programs for keeping seniors in their homes that could assist you with your project.

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