Stain removal after a drycleaning?

suesan_2008December 14, 2008

Hi. I sent in some tan sailcloth/heavy cotton drapes to be dry cleaned. One panel had a stain along the bottom likely from coffee, tea or cola or maybe even an alcohol. I don't know which. It happened behind the chair where my husband often sits. Anyway, I took all drapes in for drycleaning, and the one with the bottom edge stain came back with the stain smeared much larger, about 3 feet up and 3 feet across. I tried to order a new panel but they've been discontinued.

Can somebody please recommend a favorite product or concoction for which I can try to get this (unknown) stain out?

By the way, shouldn't the drycleaner have cleaned it? Also all 6 panels came back with a lot of unsightly creases that weren't there before, and not folded the same way as I brought them in, such that they hang with crisp lengthwise creases every 6 inches or so. Aren't drycleaners supposed to take care of these things?

Thank you,


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Yes, they should. But I don't think I would go back to that drycleaner.

What is the fabric content of your drapes? Are they lined?

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Hi sheilajoyce. No the drapes are not lined. I've pasted the link of their description. It says dryclean for best results. So I guess I could have washed them, but I wanted to spare a huge amount of ironing. These may still be available in tab tops, so it just occurred to me a backup could be to order one of those in a larger size and do a little sewing, but I'd like to see if there's a stain removal product recommended first. Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: the sailcloth drapes - with no tan color left.

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What a nice sale. Too bad you cannot take advantage of it.

I think I would try drycleaning again, but I would explain to the cleaner how the stain was spread by drycleaning. I don't know that I would go to the same drycleaner, unless you have had good service from them previously. If you take them back, it ought to be free. Tell them how you want the curtains folded on the hangar too.

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Thanks again sheilajoyce. That was the first time I took anything to a drycleaner in many years, so yes, I should have been on guard and clear about the folding - I just expected it, and not all those criss-cross creases. Next time. The cleaner is the only drycleaner in my small town, and items are actually farmed out to a nearby city by the local laundromat. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the longest tab top in the same fabric, and will hem them or have them hemmed (before they are sold out too!) I'm afraid to scrub at the stain too much because the fabric lays nice and smooth so I don't want to make it "fuzzy."

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Well, I actually got up my nerve, got the number of the drycleaner and the proprietor was very nice, offering immediately to reprocess all of the drapes to my satisfaction. She remembered that they had all been clumped together on one hanger (6 heavy panels at 50 in x 84 in each). . . .I can use the tabtop ordered to make some accent pillows and such.

So to anyone else with such problems, do give the company or store a chance.

Good ending, and thanks for helping me out sheilajoyce!

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