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naxosmomDecember 27, 2005


My contractor left me a can of glass cleaner that has to be the best I have ever used. It is called Somaca Industrial strenght Hi-Sheen Glass Cleaner. The company only sells to businesses. Is there a place where I can get a similar product?

This stuff keeps my clear shower doors spotlessly clean. I can even have my teens clean and have no streaks on glass anywhere. My car windshield has never looked better. None of the streaky mess. Crystal clear windshields.

I tried Industrial strength Windex with vinegar...yuck. Lots and lots of streaking.



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Hi, I did a yahoo search and think I've found it here:

I just ordered some b/c it sounds wonderful. Their description says it's environmentally friendly as well. You get a discount if you order more than two cans.

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been using a product called Perfect Glass, which is terrific for mirrors, but I was struggling with the shower doors.

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I like Hope's Perfect Glass is the best. I Rain-X the shower doors and squeegee and dry after showers. They never need to be cleaned that way.

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I just moved into a new apartment and the windows were in horrible shape, stained and dirty and layered on gunk. Found the hi-sheen being sold by a company called TechnologyLK and got it. This stuff is great...cleaned the windows off in minutes. Now I use it on the shower, windows, my car. One of the best cleaners I've ever tried, and the customer service at TechnologyLK was real helpful. They even let me come and pick it up from them to save on shipping, since I lived only 20 minutes away. Great folks.
The link is

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