what is HL?

party_music50September 24, 2010

Does HL = Hobby Lobby? Is this a good place to shop? my sister told me that a Hobby Lobby just opened about 1/2 hour from me.

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Yes PM...it's Hobby Lobby..and you are sooo lucky to
have one near you.
I see all the wonderful things the gals here buy at HL,
and wish I had one near me.
Even tho we have CTS 'Christmas Tree Shops'... I'm
a glutton for punishment and would love to shop at HL too!
Then again, where would I find the extra money to do that...
So, I guess it's a good thing I don't have one nearby.


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No Hobby Lobby near me, Party Music, but I've known about them for years and visit everytime I've gone back to the Midwest to visit family there. The closest one to me that I know of is in Phoenix where our Purplemoon lives--I made sure to find her Hobby Lobby when we visited there a couple years ago too! They have a big variety of items, and their sale prices are usually really good. Luvs

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party...you will love it...they carry about ANY crafting materials ...also home decor/garden/faux/holiday...& sales every week on most items. If you go to their homepage ...Google Hobby Lobby coupon, about every other wk there is a 40% off coupon you can print out (here we get them in local paper ads, too). I like to especially use my coupon on crafting/gardening books & get the 40% off cover price...or glues & photo stuff...you will love it, I'm sure! Go ck it out! Jeanne S.

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PM. No HL near me either, although like Luvs, I can't pass one up when I'm in an area where they have them. We used to have two GOOD pottery stores in the neighboring state close by (35=40 MI) BUT THEY BOTH CLOSED BEFORE i FOUND THIS BUNCH OF ENABLERS.so much for that. In Kingsport about 65 mi, they have a HL, a Michaels, A Hancocks and a Ben Franklin, which is my fav for finding little decorator accents, they don't have dishes though and I don't get to go there but a couple of times a yr. I wrote to the company 'begging 'them to consider opening a store closer to this area of NC, but didn't even get a response. After reading about all the good finds at CTS, I emailed them asking for the same. They immediately emailed me back saying they were opening a store in Greensboro, NC. That is about 140 mi from me, and for everyday shoping it might as well be in China, but maybe if I am extremely lucky, I might get to visit it sometime. Like Jane said, maybe it's a good thing, I might be tempted to spend the grocery money! Janet

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Hobby Lobby is like a Michaels or Joann's on steroids! LOL.
Its a good thing the one 'near' me is too far for me to drive and walk and drive home with the Fibro leg issues.
Needing a driver keeps me from getting to go very often.
Same with Home Goods. I keep thinking of the money I save.
And the bargains I miss. sigh.

hugs, Karen

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