About to start framing - layout changes?

laurajane02May 26, 2012


My GC has asked for any layout changes for the basement as framing is set to begin this week. The consensus from the building forum is that this bathroom layout could use some tweaking. What would you suggest? (location of fixtures and doorway can change. Window location is set)

I should say that this bathroom will be for guests, as it is located in the basement near the guest bedroom.

Current floorplan:

Foundation with bathroom window


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What is the actual dimension of the floor area of the bathroom. It is unclear on the drawing as 10' includes the foundation wall.

That bathroom is so large that it could have had a bathtub/shower combo. also since it is in the basement, I would have brought in more natural light, i.e., had a small non-opening window in the shower wall say 24" long by 16" high - either frosted glass or Glass block. More light is better in basement.

A lot of deadspace in the bathroom which will make it feel roomier but is not usable. For example, you can't use the long wall next to the window because any shelving of skinny cabinet there will block the window.

there are several different ways to lay out this room. One would be to put the toilet under the small window you have.
then you have the whole back wall for a shower/tub combo and a vanity. You could then shorten the 14ft. length of the bathroom down and give more room to the adjacent room.
Where you have the shower, you could put a 5ft tub/shower, then a shrt wall and a fixed frameless piece of glass. then a 48" vanity if you want. you only need about 9ft. for all that. If you make it 10ft., then you could have a 5ft tub/shwr combo, short-wall-glass partition, 48" vanity, and then a tall 12" wide pantry shelf unit to store linens.
With the toilet under the window, and the back wall only about 10ft. then the door can be moved down closer to the toilet. and your guest room on other side of bathroom is bigger.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you think that a tub/shower combo is the way to go for a guest bathroom? I don't want a separate tub there.

I know this bathroom is large, it's just the way our floorplan worked out. The adjacent room is DH's media room, and it is wider than the bathroom, so I don't think I can enlarge it in a useful way.

However (and I know this is odd) the WIC will actually be a fireman's pole, so we don't have a closet in that area. Should I add a closet in the bathroom? If I move the doorway to the left, I could have a small closet accessible from the hallway as well.

Here's the full plan for our basement in case it helps with perspective. I'd love to hear more opinions! Thanks!

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It will be a fire-man's pole! Cool!

If that is the case, then I think you should consider good storage in the bath. You have an outdoor shower. Do you have a pool/lake? Where will towels go? Would it be useful to include a laundry on this end of the lower level? Even a stacked one for lake/pool laundry? You have the space.

Your bathroom door doesn't need to be located as far to the right as it is. So, you can consider putting in a laundry closet or full width linen pantry along that right wall of the bathroom.

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Kirkhall ~ You've figured it out for me! Thank-you! I should definitely put a stackable W/D in the bathroom. And lots of towel storage.

We live on a meandering river where we go tubing, hang out at the beach, and use a rope swing. We have plans for an in-ground pool and hot tub, so what you described is exactly what we'll need.

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I also would be cautious in your final plan that you can't look directly into the bathroom from the entry door. Don't know if you will have a glass entry door. If there is a way to move the bath door to the left a bit (maybe change the swing) and think about what part of the bathroom you'd want to see from the door when you walk in (laundry set or storage closet instead of vanity or toilet or anyone using either if someone is using it and neglects to close the door). Or whether someone who's popped into the bath thinking no one is around but then might be surprised by someone zipping down the firepole. Depends on how casual your family is about bathroom privacy.

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Thanks olychick. I've worked out a new layout that I think is an improvement, and it includes moving the doorway to the left as you suggested.

Here's a quick sketch:

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Where your optional cabinetry/counter is might be a good spot for that bench/chair you were considering.

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Wow, that really maximizes privacy for the room AND you get a laundry center, plus you can gaze out the window while on the loo. You could have some nice artwork on the wall straight forward from the doorway. Good changes.

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I only mentioned the Tub/shower combo - in case anyone really needs a tub when visiting, like to wash a dog or something, but it sounds like if you have a hot tub and outdoor shower - not sure if you need it.

They have low tubs though - for people who mainly use it as a shower. Kohler Archer is very simple and low step over and popular, but there are others.

If you like the look of a shower without a tub, I still suggest the full 5ft. shower width since you have the room and it is preferable to using a corner shower.

One idea if you just go with a full 5ft. long shower is using one piece of tall fixed glass that is a little more than 1/2 width of shower. Then people could step into the shower without having to open or close any sliding doors. Your lower bathroom glass installers might have some online gallery photos of this and other shower options.

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I do like your new layout changes a lot better than the original. The plumbers will really need to change the location of their drains and pipes.

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Thanks everyone! I'm really happy with the changes.

Kirkhall ~ I was also thinking that could be a good spot for a bench.

Kisu ~ Thanks for pointing out our bathtub options. At least the location is determined, we have some time to decide exactly what we want there. We still need to get plumbing bids on the house, so this is a good time to make changes!

Olychick ~ I was also thinking of artwork on that wall. I really like how the toilet is tucked away from sight. The window is actually a window well though (below ground) so there won't me much to see. There will be fresh air though!

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