Bluestar sale?

Kristen HallockMay 20, 2013

Can someone fill me in on the Bluestar sale?

I have a localish quote for 5454 that was given to me back in February. But I'd have to pay 6% tax and a pretty hefty delivery fee ($400ish) since I am 2.5 hours away from their store.

I called Plessers today and they told me $5649 but no tax and free shipping. But their website says "special price this week only". I am pretty sure $5649 is not their "special price". Do I have to ask what the special price is? The guy did ask me what my local quote was and I told him and he said when I decided to order they could try to reduce their price, but that they had free shipping/no tax so I am not sure what to think there.

Also, Plessers is offering a 10 year LImited warranty that ends today.

I really wanted color knobs but its $59 per knob! Seems like a total ripoff. I was just getting the basic 6 burner RNB range in stainless.

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Sophie Wheeler

TAANSTFL Your local state will send you a bill to collect the sales tax if the retailer doesn't charge you tax. More and more states are getting VERY aggressive about that. Plenty of people posting here have had that happen to them months later. The "free shipping" is to the curb and it's up to you to get it into the house and install it. Not real easy to do with a 400 lb monster . $59 isn't so expensive for powder coated knobs that will last. Not at all.

The original quote doesn't sound so bad, really.

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Plessers has that 10 year extended warranty every always expires that day :) Make sure to read the warranty on the 10 doesn't cover everything. I believe on a range it covers the main element in the oven and the burners but not any electrical boards, etc or the broiler.

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Kristen Hallock

Ok, thank you! I hadnt noticed that before about the warranty. Duh!

Do you know if Plessers is decent to deal with? Its tempting to save the sales tax, and I am pretty sure my state does not deal with online purchases and sales tax yet. Now I am more concerned with the delivery and how much it costs to have them bring it inside the house. I think just the curbside delivery is free.

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I haven't used them before but might as I am building a new home. If you look at they get very good reviews. AJMadison on the other hand gets a lot worse. It really seems to me that the big issue with both is the freight company used and is typically stuff out of the sellers hands. I've talked with Plessers on the phone before and they were very helpful and polite.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks. I've called the sales guy at Plessers twice today and he is offering to upgrade me to free in-home delivery and he is going to try to match the local price I got on the range, which is $200 cheaper.

I was hoping gtadross might weigh in since I think he may have purchased his BlueStar from Plessers. But I'm not positive.

I have ordered an appliance from AJ Madison before. It was a 30" KitchenAid gas range. It was years ago (old house) and I remember being satisfied. The range had a dent on the side though and I believe they comped me some money, which was OK since it was a slide in range and going between 2 cabinets.

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Hey I got mine from AJ Madison. Curbside delivery. Decent price but I think it'd only bc I ordered lots of other appliances from them as well.

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I don't know what state you are in, but most are seeking sales and use taxes on large out of state purchases. There have been at least three forum members who've received bills from various states from PA to FL. It's really pretty easy these days for the tax offices as there are no secrets in the computer age.

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Kristen Hallock

gtadross - what did you pay?

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Under 5k

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Kristen Hallock

OK. The deed is done. I ordered it. They are throwing in free in-home delivery to the kitchen and extending the manufacture's warranty for 2 additional years.

If I have to pay tax later then so be it. I'd be paying it anyways if I bought it from a closer store..

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Congrats! You're gonna love it

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Kristen Hallock

I can't wait. Now I just need my hubby to start busting ass on the kitchen so we are ready for it.

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