kinda OT_table setting 'funnies'

PurplemoonSeptember 6, 2011

I sometimes lurk on other forums since I'm on here all hours of the night. I saw these two posts regarding setting a table for 'no reason', and got a laugh out of them. Figured you would too.

First one....

"I never understood setting the table when you aren't going to use it for a meal soon. I have a friend who is an interior designer, fully degreed and credentialed, who keeps her dining room table set all of the time. I want to ask her why she does it, but I value her friendship so I chalk it up to eccentricity and say nothing."

My first thought was this gal obviously doesn't understand how fun it can be. My second thought was that before I found this Forum, I probably would have said the exact same thing as she did! LOL. This place is definitely a learning experience!

Second post....

"the table setting thing perplexes me. Won't your dishes get dusty and dirty? I recall watching a Nate Berkus where he brought this up and it was pretty funny. He said to the camera - "Please people, do not set your table and leave it that way. They do that in magazine shoots, it's not something you should do in your home". He said it was a pet peeve of his :-)"

I think Nate needs to get over himself. LOL

hugs, Karen

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I've found out that when my table is set it keeps the clutter off of it. LOL
Besides we don't keep them set the same way for very long. do we?

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I love walking into my house and seeing my dining room table all set pretty. Just another way of accesorizing in my humble opinion. (I would always wash the dishes again before using if it's been sitting there overnight.)


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As someone that just recently became able to set a table and leave it, Nate is WRONG LOL! I agree, I love walking into the dining room and seeing it all set up. It is now a part of my general decor.


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I have to admit I don't leave mine set! I do think it would get dusty. Much easier to move a centerpiece and dust then dust the whole setting!
I do set the day before for a big dinner party or holiday, if I didn't I wouldn't have time to fuss with it, which is the fun part!

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Marlene Kindred

I think that it's my house and if I choose to have the table set all of the time because it might make me happy, then that's all that's important. Kind of like still having wallpaper just because I like it!

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I didn't know about tablescaping until I found the forum, but I sure do have fun setting them. If we were actually going to eat off of it, I would set it right before we used it, but since we rarely eat at those tables, it doesn't matter if it is set for a week or not.

When I host big holiday dinners, I set the table the night before, but I have never found the tables to get dusty just overnight.

I agree that Nate's opinion is definitely misguided by our standards, but it is just an opinion. We obviously have different ones, and if he ever experienced how much fun we have, he might change his tune (or his table settings, LOL)

Ditto to what Karen said.

Keep those tables coming everybody as I enjoy seeing everybody else's almost as much as I enjoy creating my own tables.


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When I was selling my old house...I set the Dining Room Table...
The realtor at first said 'Was I expecting someone for dinner' ?
I just smiled and said 'I think it gives a nice warm feeling to the room...not just 'a room'.
After showing it several times, she got lots of positive responces on how they liked seeing it set up!
I feel most often, 'Visuals' are very helpful to many people.
I agree... Nate needs to get over himself!!

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I've loved this quote from Henry David Thoreau in Waldens Pond:

"If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away. "

Jeanne S.

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