Help with Kids Bath Layout

mkhavzMay 8, 2013

Hi everyone!
We are about to start a whole-house renovation and I need help planning the bathroom that will be shared between my 3 daughters.
The picture below was taken standing in the doorway. The toilet is straight ahead, the shower/tub is directly to your right (behind the door). We will be removing the bump-out beyond the vanity, so the bathroom will reclaim that space.

My first thought is that we should switch the location of the vanity and the toilet, so the toilet is tucked behind the shower wall and the vanity is seen from the door. However, I am starting to rethink this idea. Keeping in mind that the vanity will be shared between 3 girls - do I really want to see the vanity from the doorway? I can only imagine there will be a day where it is constantly covered in hairdryers and make up. Perhaps the door facing the toilet is the less of 2 evils!

Also, by removing the bump-out we should be able to fit in a double vanity and more storage. Another plus when dealing with 3 girls!

Thanks for your help!

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Sounds like fun! It's hard to offer advice without some dimensions. Can you draw out the space on graph paper to scale and post? Are there limitation on what can move?

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