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ontariomomApril 22, 2012

Hi all,

We are in the latter stages of framing a large addition. I am trying to find a spot for a decorative niche wall. We have so many windows in our great room dining room where I want to place the niche that wall space is a bit of a premium. I wondered how a niche wall something like the below link would look along the staircase wall? We have ordered our staircase, but it not installed, nor is the wall around the staircase framed. Framing wise what would we need to do to fit a niche wall for decorative plates along the staircase (i.e. should we do a 2 X 6 wall here)? Our staircases are stacked so there will not be much depth available for a built in unless we build out the wall.

Any one else planning a decorative niche in the wall? Any thoughts on the stair case wall?


decorative niche

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We are planning a few decorative niches, one at the end of a hallway. I intend to have them done by an ornamental plasterer. I'll admit I'm rather concerned because we have no plans for what to fill them with yet! :) I'm not a fan of them along the wall of a staircase, possibly because I've only ever seen them filled with a vase of fake flowers and I don't love that look. But, this is just my opinion and of course I'm sure they can look lovely if planned well and filled with something unique. I checked out your link and wasn't sure which image you were referring to.

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Hi threeapples,

Thanks for your comments. At the end of a hallway is an excellent spot for your niche! I trust you will get the electrician to wire for a light.

BTW, the image I was referring to is the fourth picture on the link. It is a niche with bead board behind the plates.

I think we have found one spot in the kitchen where we could do either a custom shallow cabinet or a built-in. That might be even better than the staircase wall, although there will be less room available.


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