Good Christmas Scented Cleaner

grettawallaceDecember 7, 2009

Hey folks - I was at Marshall's and I saw a bottle of Christmas Scented All Purpose Cleaner and I thought it was a really great idea. It was way too expensive, though. I made up a homemade version, but I can't seem to find anyone else making a similar commercial product that is more reasonably priced and a little bit more powerful than vinegar and water. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: My homemade Christmas cleaner recipe

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If you came up with your own homemade version of Christmas Scented All Purpose Cleaner, then why are you searching for a similar commercial product? Just keep making your own version.

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Well, maybe it's too late, but Mrs. Meyers has some pine scented stuff that I love. I just ordered some for gifts this week, and it arrived within 24 hours of my ordering it online from their website -- with FREE shipping. Target was also carrying it, but not much of it.

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