Best brand range hood

corgimumMay 21, 2012

Does anyone have any knowledge about this range hood? My cabinetmaker is recommending it for our kitchen. We will have a 30" induction stove.

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Best usually offers the best bang for your buck.

It is sufficient.

That is why GC/Cabinet makers recommend them. You can spend more money on cabinets or custom change orders.

The best in class,in my opinion, is linked below if you want to spend the extra cash on a blower.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Deeageaux, why do you think your link is the best in class, can you email me if you don't want to post that. I am not trying to cause any issues just looking for your opinion on your link is all.


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I have this Prestige blower but mine is the 1200 CFM model with two motors. It is very powerful, and very noisy. It is very easy to take out the baffles for cleaning. It has been a solid and efficient performer since we installed it about a year ago.

I did a fair amount of research before I purchased this and am happy with everything except the noise. We were very careful about having a correctly sized straight duct --all the things we were supposed to do. I took out the baffles and ran it just to see if that made much of a difference in the noise as I had heard that much of the noise is generated by the air going through the baffles. It did make a difference but not that much.

I'm not sure if other models with comparable power are any quieter.

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Blade tip turbulence noise at the fan can easily exceed in perceived sound level the hiss of air passing around the baffles. A bigger, slower, remote fan can reduce the blade tip noise.


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