Vanities with legs/space underneath

tinanMay 29, 2013

I've been starting to think ahead/budget for a bathroom update, and looking at vanities. Is it the trend now to have legs and a space under the vanity? It seems like all the ones i have found and otherwise liked (inexpensive price range BTW for example Costco) have this feature.

I do not want space for dust bunnies under the vanity, I'd prefer that it go to the floor so I don't have to worry about dusting or vacuuming under there.

Do these types of vanities generally come with a toe kick (no mention in the descriptions), or would I have to buy one and stain to match?

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco vanity

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Wow! That's a beautiful vanity, but around here, $1000 is not considered "inexpensive" for a vanity. The one in the pic does not appear to have a toe kick. Ours was custom and has a "decorative furniture front base" to it. The toe kick is placed about 2-3" back from the decorative portion so it can't be seen unless you're flat on the floor with a flashlight shining under there. I would check around to see if you can get one done custom or semi-custom--that way you could get the pretty vanity legs & the toe kick to prevent dust bunnies from reproducing under there. You may be very surprised by the cost especially if you can use a remnant piece of stone for the top.

Hope this helps!

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I think that it is just a matter of fashion. The "unfitted" or furniture look is in right now. The vanity looks like it could be moved, or replaced easily. I think of it as a look that refers back to times when plumbing was new, like the farm sinks do. Kitchen cabinetry suites didn't exist yet and bathroom cabinets might be any cabinet you had. This style also is supposed to look like you did not get it at a "big box" or other store for the masses, but that you had the furniture piece made for you by a craftsman, or you used an antique that you liked in the space. Now that you CAN buy that style at the big box store, the look should have a run of time of being popular, then disappear.

The look may also be influenced by the European cabinetry look. They take their cabinets from apartment to apartment with them, so cabinets have feet so that you can level the cabinet in every new situation. Sometimes you have a panel (toe kick) covering the feet after you place the cabinet, sometimes you don't.

I suppose you could put a black toe kick behind the legs to block the dust bunnies. I have seen some of the "normal" vanities recess the kick and have furniture-look legs in front to suggest the furniture look.

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I didn't want dust bunnies either but I don't like the look of an open toe kick that is on most vanities that sit on the floor. Kraftmaid and probably other cabinet manufacturers allow you to add a valance or feet to the base of the vanity to dress it up. They have several styles, from traditional to contemporary.

We used the Cologne accent collection and chose our door style, drawer configuration, wood species, and stain color. It gave us the most personalization without going custom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraftmaid bath collection

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mydreamhome, I don't like the prices either but for a 60" vanity double sink including the granite top and sinks that's about as cheap as it gets at least around here, and online.... even a cultured marble top alone costs $300-$400 for this size, without the cabinets. I've looked for "remnants" but anything longer than 50" is over $600 just for the granite.

I'm just in the planning stages now thinking about how much it's going to cost, the bathtub and toilet are newish and acceptable so it's just the vanity, mirror, paint and light fixture that I want to change.

may flowers, thanks for the info and link on kraftmaid.

So it's not just me, there does seem to be a trend towards this open toe-kick style? Looks pretty in photos but I guess I'm just a practical person about maintenance and there's always so much lint in a bathroom from the TP and towels!

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Don't forget hair. I shed like crazy! But lately I've noticed a trend toward impractical materials in kitchens and baths that require more maintenance. I am more of a function over form kind of girl, and I don't have a housekeeper to clean up after me!

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I've also been looking for vanities that aren't open underneath. I don't enjoy cleaning bathrooms, so I can't imagine wanting to add something else to clean! I think it's a trend that will pass, but it's hard to find other options in the meantime. We're going to use Bertch Legacy cabinetry for our master bath vanity. We may or may not put decorative legs on it...we have those on some of our kitchen cabinets, and they're a pain to clean around there too. We're also putting in a built-in tall cabinet, for linens, etc., and we can get the doors to match for both.
I've been looking for a vanity for a basement bathroom too, but I really want something inexpensive. Again, I don't want to clean underneath it. Any recommendations on sources would be appreciated!

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So, where do you gals put your scale? I always have mine tucked underneath the vanity... so I can slide it out and back in with my toe... LOL

I have two vanities with legs, and I really don't find too much dust accumulates under there, swipe it out occasionally, but not a big deal...

Funnily enough my DH who never goes on this forum suggested a toe kick drawer, but the cheap side of me thought that way too expensive, so we just went with the open furniture leg bottom.

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I don't have a scale, we've never felt the need to weigh ourselves. If we did, I guess we'd keep it in a cabinet.

The other reason I don't want the open space is that the floor doesn't extend under the current built in vanity so I'd have to redo the whole floor, too!

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My scale gathers dust wherever I keep it. ;)

We have a linen closet in one of our baths, so we keep it there.

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We are also doing new construction; I also am strongly against the open area in front - that curved toe kick is a bunny collector. Hard to clean under there.

We are building a log house, though, and have found rustic type vanities that sometimes do not have the bunny collector. They generally run about $1000 for a 49 inch vanity (extra for the top), are well built. I'm not sure that I want a log vanity in both bathrooms, but it may be my best, bunny free option...

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I am thinking of a vanity with feet and open space for my daughter's new condo. The current vanity is on the floor and very close to the shower/tub. I am thinking that the more of it that's off the floor, the less water damage it will get.

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I am also in the planning stages and love the look of a furniture style vanity. As nancy_in_mich suggests you can paint a black recessed toe kick to give the illusion of empty space, when in reality it is only a few inches.

Painted toekick:

Traditional Bathroom by Edina Kitchen & Bath Designers The Woodshop of Avon

I also love the look of actual furniture repurposed as a vanity and they problably have the same dustbunny problem, but no more in a bathroom than any other part of the house. Just something to consider.

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I wonder if the black board would be visible at all - ?

Trouble with the toekick bunny problem with a bathroom vanity is that you can't move the vanity. Ever. Unless you unhook the plumbing once a year to clean under it. With actual furniture it's relatively easy to move the thing for cleaning.

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There is a lot more dust in the bathroom due to to TP and towel lint, and there is hair - those of us with long hair tend to shed a lot. Also furniture in the rest of my house is moved regularly to vacuum under/ behind whereas a vanity is fixed in place. So to me, a vanity with ope space underneath is very different from regular furniture.

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I'm remodeling 2 baths right now. Not only do I like the new vanity look with legs (and without a toe kick), but I think it's much healthier. Yes, healthier. Bathrooms are humid places and having space underneath the vanity allows air to circulate under there preventing mildew and possibly mold from growing. I think it's easy to clean with a vacuum clearner attachment that reaches under there. I usually give my bathroom floors a first pass with a vacuum cleaner anyway.

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