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phoggieApril 22, 2012

I have looked a lot at the plan that you drew in regard to my post looking for a modest plan for my lake lot....but it is so big that I can not print it off....even after trying the suggestion that was given to computer knowledge is so limited.

So could you please post this again for me so it is a size that I can print on a sheet of paper...and also if possible, reverse the plan?

You are so much me....and to all of the others who you assist on this forum.


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here you are ...

if i have some time over , i will draw the reverse ... it has to be done from scratch ...

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I flipped the image, but of course, the print is flipped too. But might help a bit.

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thanks mjlb :-)

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THANKS, Summmerfield....I really like the "flip" and I
think it will give a much better view of the lake.
You are so kind to give so much help and I, for one,
really appreciate it!

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I liked the flipped plan so much that you did, that I took it to my builder and he is having it redrawn so we can get some bids etc.

I chose to take the wall out from between the laundry room and pantry....making it one larger room and will put the laundry, pantry and office area in there with some cabinets/sink etc. Eliminating the door from the master closet to laundry,so I can have more hanging room in the closet.

I also am eliminating the tub in the master and putting in a 5' shower and moving the stool to the other wall, making room for two sinks and vanity area in the middle.

Since I will save on concrete, I am having him turn the garage toward the street. I really would like to leave it on the end, but concrete is expensive.

The area on the front porch will be straight, so I can bring the entire kitchen area forward two feet to make the dining room larger and adding more wall space in the kitchen over the bar area for dishes (since I am handicapped, upper cupboards are more important to me and it will give me some separation to entry way).

Also since the extra gables in the front only add appearance, I might not do this and also bring down the pitch of the roof to save costs.

This house has to be economical, but also good quality. Since it is build in a 55+ area, I think the rest of the house space will be okay.

If it is possible for you to make these changes so I can see them on paper, I'd certainly appreciate it~~~

THANKS again for this plan....and wish me good luck in doing this....a huge step for a 70 yr. old widowed woman, who is about to become homeless since my present house is sold.

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phoggie - Not sure how bringing the kitchen forward 2 feet will make the dining room larger. I'm seeing the size of the dining room limited due to the size of the garage. Are you also moving the garage/pantry wall?

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I think Phoggie means, by straightening out the front wall (along the porch) there will be an additional two feet, to move the kitchen and dining forward, as well as the little jog in the living room.

This looks like a great idea, but if you're keeping the porch, make sure it's deep enough to have seating. Otherwise, it's just an expensive walkway to nowhere...unless you add a side door to the garage.

Turning the garage entrance, towards the street, will look very nice. It will also be easier to unload groceries, since you don't have to walk around the car, to get to the back hall :)

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LL~~ I will have to see how much porch that will leave me by pulling out the kitchen to give me more room in DR to be able to enlarge a table..may have to bring the porch out a bit. Thanks for reminding me of this....way too many things to think about trying to do this all alone, except for the wonderful people on this forum to help guide me.

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I don't think you understood what I meant. Pulling the kitchen forward will not change where the dining room opening from the garage hall is located. See where Summerfield has the dining room rug? The size of the rug cannot change unless the wall between the garage and the pantry is also pulled forward. To me, if the size of the rug area cannot change, then the dining room hasn't really gotten bigger.

I hope this better explains what I was trying to say.

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