Glassless Shower Half Wall

emilykfrankMay 8, 2013

I am redoing my master shower. I'd like to do away with the glass completely. How tall should my half wall ideally be in order to have some privacy for, well, privates, as well as maintain openness and splash protection? It will surround the shower on three sides, with the exception of 25" for the doorway.
The shower is 4'x5' and we're placing a freestanding tub in front of it. The back wall (where the faucet arises) is an 8 foot of tall wall of horizontal linear tile.

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For splash control it depends mostly on the size of the shower and how much of the floor can get wet (meaning how much of the bathroom floor is waterproofed like a shower pan). I was just in a renovation where there were no shower walls at all except the back. This doesn't address the privacy issue at all, but it was large enough that splashing wasn't an issue.

In other words, if your shower area is 36" square, the wall will need to be higher than if the shower area is 60" square for splashing.

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It depends on exactly where your shower head will be and what type it will be. Our shower is also 4x5. Our half wall is just under 5ft. We have a hand shower on a bar that is on the 4 ft wall about 6-8 inches from the corner. That is the shower head I use. Since it is near the corner, most of the splashes are under 5 ft.

My husband uses the rain shower head that is on an arm centered on the 4 ft wall. I believe his splashes are lower.

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