Fall Decorating in the Bird Arbor Garden

jeannespinesSeptember 27, 2013

Last week I got to work out in the Bird Arbor Garden a little bit & this cement pumpkin sits on a stump by the front door. I made it last yr in one of those plastic pumpkin pails for collecting 'Trick or Treats'...added some garage sale leaves & a branch stem! Fun ... in Sept I had it turned around w/o pumpkin face showing...now it's close enough to Oct! ;-)

Mums are beautiful this yr, too ... I'll post a couple pics! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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...here's a dilapidated column birdhouse that I turned into a pumpkin face in the bird arbor ... the Mum I planted in this old orange egg basket & lined it w/burlap. Sure is a bright Fall color! Jeanne S.

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And back of the arbor seat on the old stumps where the maple trees come down is this very old wood box...been out there some yrs now & I'm thrift shopping for a replacement ~~ the barbed wire balls I bought from an artist a few yrs ago...I tried it myself but need lots of strength & 'band-aids!' ~~giggle ~~Jeanne S.

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Love how you are celebrating Fall with the 'happy' pumpkins. And that last photo....that is so appealing to me. Tho can't imagine how anyone can make a barb wire ball, as you said, lots of bandaids I guess. LOL.

Hope you are going to have a good weekend in your lovely garden, it seems such a healing place to me. So serene and special.
hugs, Karen

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The Jack-O-Lantern decoration with the squirrel is super cute! Also I love your Mums and the containers they are in, very cool!


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Jeanne, I'm so glad you were able do things in your garden,
It looks like a peaceful place to be.
The jack o lanterns are adorable,and the mums are glorious.

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Cute, creative and clever!!

I love it all. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy some time with nature.

I might need to "borrow" that cement pumpkin and squirrel, LOL

Fabulous fall décor!!!

Ditto to Karen's comment about a healing place!


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So glad you shared 'The Pumpkin' again. That is the coolest creation.
Your little squirrel beside it looks great. Another pumpkin you created
out of a bird house. Looks great out there with the mum in the orange
egg basket. Wow

Love the wire balls in the weathered box with mums. This is just beautiful!
I never buy mums in the fall any more but sure love enjoying others.

As I've said before, we love what you come up with and share.Thanks


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Jeanne...you NEVER disappoint...and like Nana said...
your garden seems like such a peaceful place to be.The lovely Fall - garden vignettes you created with all the
natural containers are 'picture perfect. Your mums look beautiful and I too love the wire balls in the weathered box.
So good to see you out and about and sharing your lovely photos with us.

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Jeannie, so good that you are feeling up to puttering around in your lovely garden. It really does look like a tranquil healing spot to be right now. I love you pumpkins. I would have never thought of using a trick or treat pumpkin for a cement mold. Great idea! Love your barb wire balls too. Wondering if it would be easier wearing leather work gloves. (My dear neighbor who passed away last year, one time sewed up a stray cat that the dogs had torn up pretty badly while her DH held it wearing a pair of long welding gloves, that wouldn't have been much harder to do than barbwire) Your mums are stunning too. My flowers have had to fall way down on my list of priorities this year, but I'm enjoying everybody elses, Be careful and don't work too hard while you are doing treatments.

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