36" Bosch induction cooktop, which wall oven will work?

homebuyer23May 7, 2013

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I am going to be finalizing my appliance choices soon. I am going to do a 36" induction cooktop over a 30" wall oven.
I most prefer the Bosch cooktop for my price range, either 500 or 800, depending how my budget is looking.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a great wall oven that will work under this cooktop?

I'm looking for one that is compatible under the induction cooktop, hopefully with the least amount of clearance necessary so it doesn't end up being completely on the ground. (still unsure how to figure this out on my own...have tried reading the specs but not positive if I understand it all correctly. And the appliance workers Ive met seem a little uneducated on this).

Preferably with easy glide racks, the larger capacity the better.

Bosch would probably be easiest but I happen to not really like the Bosch 500 wall oven, I have read some bad reviews and I just don't really like it, it has no smooth extension rack and I think the round dials make it look like a smiley face..?! And it seems small inside. The 800 is OK, but gets pricey.

Any tips in general for installing the oven under the cooktop? What happens with the extra 6" space in the cabinet, is it lost?

Anyone with photos of oven under induction cooktop, I'd love to see it.

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Can't help you with another brand, but I know from my own research hat both the Bosch 500 and 800 will work. Just read another thread where we 500 oven users discussed our experiences, and all were overwhelmingly positive. It is actually one of the larger interior 30" mainstream wall ovens out there. For a small up charge, you can get a gliding rack and (I think) still be under the 800 price.

Still, if you don't like the looks of it, perhaps the 800 series would suit your needs without breaking the bank. I found that manufactures by and large do not test compatibility with other brands, so although mixing and matching may work, you may be taking a risk from a warranty perspective. In the end, we went with all Bosch and have been happy, but of course, ymmv.

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