White induction freestanding range?

Debbi BrankaMay 21, 2013

I am considering changing out my GE freestanding radiant range for an induction. My kitchen and appliances are all white. The range is the only thing that is not new. It must be white. I'd really like to go with GE, but I think it only comes in stainless. Does anyone know of a good induction range that comes in white? Thanks!

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I don't know if you'll think it's good (see posting above) but when I made my purchase decision last month, the Viking VISC30 was the only U.S. induction range that came in colors (other than stainless) including white.

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Just as yebo says, the only induction range that can be had in white is the Viking. The VIking induction range seems to be a pretty good range induction judging by the postings here, but: (a) it is $7k plus and (b) Viking only paints the oven door and kick-panel.

Beyond that, though, every other currently available induction range in North America is either stainless steel or stainless with black side panels.

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JV ..let me correct you on the Viking ... This is a free standing range , sides are painted also ... I've attached pic

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Well, you certainly would know since you've got one. I just mistook the glossy sides in the previous photos for plain shiny stainless. It is a gorgeous piece of equipment.

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Debbi Branka

Congratulations Luv! What a beautiful stove! I absolutely LOVE the cobalt blue, but $7k for a range? I don't think I can do that. Why are they so much money (seriously - why)? What makes them better? Obviously I've never researched a Viking.

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Hi Deb.. Honestly not sure why the higher price point , but they nailed the look and went totally different than all other domestic induction ranges ... For me , after a demo I was sold because it had the features I wanted and lacked the features I really didn't want or care about.. I have had this range almost a year now and totally love everything about it ....
JV...thanks , you give out a tremendous amount of info to all ..I had to go back and find a photo to just to make sure ....

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I see the problem, and I'm trying to brainstorm possible solutions.

You definitely don't want SS? I can understand that white would be best, but could the SS work, since it can be had for less than $7K? If you have other silver/gray/SS/brushed nickel in the kitchen, maybe it would be OK. Most of the range would be black, anyway - the ceran top and the window in the oven.

Since you need freestanding, I suppose it wouldn't be possible to put in a cooktop with a white wall oven below it. I guess you'd need a cab to hold it all. Maybe someone who knows more than I can figure out what would be necessary to do that. Of course, it could turn out to be as much money as the Viking.

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Buy THe GE and then have an autobody shop powder coat the door white.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks for your suggestions. Ginny, only white will do. I'm a very matchy-matchy person (although my BRANDS don't match). Stainless would look fine with my blue pearl granite, but the dishwasher, fridge and microwave are all new and we got white. The warming drawer has a drawer front on it. The stove needs to be white. You can only see part of my current stove here, but you can see the fridge, DW and microwave.

I see that Kenmore made one in white but I only find it in Canada and not sure if it's still available. I'm now thinking that I'll just get another radiant top with the double convection ovens. I actually have no complaints on my radiant top and I've had it since 1995. (I know, GW horror that I'd go with a radiant top!)

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>>>"Why are they so much money (seriously - why)? "Well, why are Italian sports cars and designer clothing so expensive? You are paying for limited production, high-end design and close to custom-made goods. The quality of the design and layout may make it better enough for some people to want them.

There is a lot of subjective preference here. The Viking ultimately might not cook anything any "better" than a GE or Electrolux induction stove would cook and might or might not be more durable. (Though Viking does offer a three years standard warranty as opposed to 1 year from everybody else.)

But, maybe "better" for you is that you just plain like using the Viking better. Brad pretty eloquently explained his perspective on this this last year in his thread, "Racing Red Induction." For me, I very much prefer the looks (including colors) of the Viking and I much prefer its control layout to the iPad-ish microwave-like appearance of the less expensive GE, Elux and Samsung induction ranges. But not enough to pay double or triple the price of the other stoves. So, I bought something else and, eventually, I'll pull the side panels and oven door and have them powder-coated to a color of my choice, much as GreenDesigns suggest.

Which is an option that Deb might want to explore. There have been several threads within the last year discussing painting stoves and search here may turn them up.

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Debbi Branka

Thanks JW! I will look at the other threads.

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Deb , your kitchen is beautiful ....I would go definately go with a color ...cobalt blue would look so good ... I did find a pic of a white Viking to give you an idea

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Debbi Branka

Thanks Luv. That white Viking is beautiful. I would love the cobalt. But 7K for a range I just can't do!

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Go the website Houzz.com Great pics, do a search of Viking white, filter kitchen ... Great ideas... This isn't cobalt but it will give you a idea of color with all white

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Whirpool has a new double oven induction range out. Today I chatted with a service rep and below is what she reports. Maybe if enough of us write in with our preferences, eventually we'll get that white range. They also have a single oven version with a warming drawer. Both have a feature called "accubake." Here's the single oven: http://www.whirlpool.com/kitchen-1/cooking-2/ranges-3/-[WFI910H0AS]-1020897/WFI910H0AS/

Here's the help link where you can register your preferences by chat or online or by phone: http://www.whirlpool.com/contact-us/

Mallory W.: The induction range with two ovens is a brand new product Whirlpool is releasing. Once released and sold, Whirlpool will evaluate whether or not the range will be offered in other colors in the future. Based off previous performance with induction products, this is very likely. However, we are not able to guarantee this or advise when other colors would be available. I will certainly document your concerns with wanting this option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool double oven induction range stainless

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