Ornamental Iron Wall Hanging for Fall + Sunflower

jeannespinesSeptember 23, 2010

Purplemoon saw some outside Fall decor I did today in-between the drizzle on the Garden Junk forum & suggested I share it here. This is an iron wall hanger I bought at a flea market in late 2007 ... last of the sale & this vendor reduced it to half price .. I think it was $15 (or may $12.50) Anyway, here it is when I bought it:

I've used it 3 yrs now...today I used faux leaves & added some stuff from my gardens ... Oregano blooms, a couple kinds of grasses ...moved the critters from my porch garden...they've been outside for some yrs now ...added a pot I painted a few yrs ago...plus a wire acorn thing-y I bought TS'ing some time ago & a dried gourd...don't have any minature pumpkins yet:

I moved an old iron wheel into the bird arbor & cut one of my giant sunflowers from the garden (they're tipping over now) & put them on a stump for the birdies:

Then used an old orange egg basket ($10 antique store find last yr), lined it & added a potted mum...so I can see it from the LR windows in the bird arbor:

Here's a closer view:

I feel like I'm "double-dipping" here...on Garden Junk & Holiday forum. Hope you enjoy this "first day of Fall" outdoor decor! Jeanne S.

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"Double-dipping"...LOL. I think this is actually more holiday decorating than garden junk. I'd love to find a wall piece like that to decorate for seasons and holidays,
I think its a wonderful piece to play with.
The sunflower just boggles my mind, I've never seen one even close to that size! Bet the birds are celebrating!

hugs, Karen

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That wall hanging is just gorgeous and you did an amazing job with the decor. Everything is perfect and just captures the feeling of fall.

Holy Sunflower, Batman!! That is one HUGE sunflower. I like how you have that area arranged and I really like the metal scrollwork flower scuplture in the corner. I'm sure the birdies and the squirrels will love those sunflower seeds!


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Oh my, your pix look like greeting cards. Those little squirrels look so cozy in that basket snuggled up with that giant acorn. I cannot believe that sunflower. WOW! I want to be decorating, so badly, but have so much going on now. I always love your post Jeanne, and your style really lends ifself to fall decorating.

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Your wall hanging is great. I like the fishing basket you have on it. And of the two objects you've shown, it's certainly the most versatile. You can do a lot with it, winter, spring, summer and fall.

BUT . . . my heart leans toward the wheel. I just love old stuff. If's awfully cool.

Just a word of caution: If your sunflowers are tipping over, I wouldn't stand too near. Should you get clobbered by one, we may never hear from you again.

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jeannie , Your wall hanging is such a great piece. I would love to find something like that. I love how you have decorated it, and hop to see it done up for winter too. The sun flower vinuete is pretty too, love your old wheel so much that I have one like it that I bought a few years ago too, had Dh to make me a little wheelborrow with it. You did grow some giant sunflowers,Sunflowers are DH's favorite. He is always complaining about my flowers that have small inconspious blooms, and totally doesn't understand why anyone would plant for just folige, which I love. I love your pics. Can't wait to see more, Janet

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Jeanne, what a perfect display place for that wonderful acorn and cute little squirrels! (be still my heart!) You really decorated it up so cute.

That sunflower is so huge! Bet they were a site to see all in a bunch together. Do you have to stake them when they have heads that big? What a sweet little area you've made there, know you must enjoy looking at it from your window.

So glad you shared these pics with us. ;o)\


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I love your wall hanging Jeanne...and I like how it
'aged' over the years to add to its character.
You decorated it to 'perfection' for the Fall.
I also Love..Love...Love your garden display with the wheel and your potted mums..that Sunflower is not to be Believed!
It's amazing...what a feast for those lucky birdies!! lol


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I have to 'brag' to most of you, that Jeanne's yard vignettes she's shared with us on Garden Junk are as wonderfully done as her indoor displays. And the photos she takes are exactly how Frou described...like a greeting card!! Her winter pictures with snow and cardinals always blow me away and I keep thinking I should have Christmas cards made from one of them. LOL.
Our Jeanne is pretty darn special in so many ways.

hugs, Karen

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I don't think Jeanne will mind me sharing one of my favorite photos of her's. (she does great butterfly ones as well!)

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Oh I remember that one Karen...it was SO IMPRESSIVE!
I agree with you 'our Jeanne'...is Very Multi Talented ...and is also very modest.
I just loved looking at her birdhouses..and I would love to see more of her property. From 'glimpses' of it, it seems to be 'picture perfect'..as you and Frou have said, like a Greeting Card.

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I love your bird houses, Jeanne, the arrangement in the wall hanging is perfect. The wheel with the sunflower is fantastic it does belong on a greeting card or in a magazine! Karen that cardinal is impressive!

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Ahhh, thank you, "holiday-ers"...

Am glad you enjoyed the iron/wood wall hanging & the Mammoth sunflower...

LOL at OA's comment:
"Just a word of caution: If your sunflowers are tipping over, I wouldn't stand too near. Should you get clobbered by one, we may never hear from you again."
Boy, that could be an embarassing "way to go!" LOL!

Karen...thanks for posting that pic...it's one of my favs, too...Fall/Winter & cardinals just make awesome pics! I have made photo cards for many yrs & enjoy photography so much. What is so cool about photos is that you can "vignette" them...isolate an area & really see the beauty in something because you're not looking at the "big picture." Cause, believe me, my gardens & home have weeds, dust, crab grass, etc. etc. LOL!

DH & I are both retired & woodworking is a hobby ...so, yes, there are many, many birdhouses around our acreage...but we also take them to Farmer's Mrkt. Life is good. Thanks, holiday-ers. Jeanne S.

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Love how you've decorated that wonderful iron wall hanging! AND that sunflower is totally amazing - what on earth did you feel that plant? I like the metal flower in the last pic also.

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That is a wonderful display. I love how you change it for the seasons! Very creative, J!

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Great job and so glad Karen had you post this for us. Love it.


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