Any liebherr refrigerator biofresh lovers/haters out there?

stovetopMay 1, 2013

Gosh, There are just way to many choices out there! Appliance shopping is sooo exhausting!

Anyways. I've narrowed down my frig to a liebherr. Now I can't decide whether the BioFresh option is worth it. I just saw a youtube review that has me totally convinced it is and if I had been in an appliance store I'd probably would have bought the unit! But thankfully I'm sitting at a computer so all impulses aside, I would love to hear some feedback from liebherr owners that have been using the biofresh and whether they have noticed actual life increases in produce/fruit. I usually by organic and the problem with organic is that it spoils pretty fast. I'm dousing my veggies under water every day to keep it going longer, and I have to eat my berries within a couple of days otherwise it goes moldy... The biofresh claims that stuff actually last longer than using the older style draws...If this is true....?

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I had an '88 GE Fridge before remodel now I have a 24" built-in All fridge with bio-fresh drawers.

Sometimes I put in strawberries and am amazed at how long they last and sometimes I place tomatoes and they don't seem to last much longer than regular fridge.

Then again that may have more to do with how fresh the produce is when I buy it.

If I had to purchase again I would buy the bio-fresh drawers.

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I was set on biofresh -- probably saw the same ad -- but might back off from Liebherr because of posts here about their lack of service -- which is needed all too soon and often, it seems.

For what it's worth: Consumer Reports says that it finds that the ability of a fridge to maintain a consistent 37 degrees temperature is more important than climate-keeping controls -- which I assume biofresh is -- in preserving freshness. If you have access, read the guide to buying a refrigerator at CR. (I take their recommendations with a lot of salt because they have no way of knowing how a product will perform over the long run, but I figure their testing of performance in the lab, like temperature control, should be accurate -- at least I hope so.)

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I'd like to see more responses from those with Biofresh, if you're out there. We looked at it yesterday, still have time to decide. I haven't done enough research yet to know exactly what it is-- my impression was just that it buffers the temperature swings to hold a more consistent temp and humidity-- anyone know if that is correct? How that is different from the consistent 37 degrees referred to above, I'm not sure!

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I have biofresh on my model
CSB2062 fridge. I will say that I see a noticeable improvement in the freshness of the fruits/veggies in the biofresh drawers. But just bc they don't rot as fast doesn't mean that they'll be as crisp, juicy or ripe as they would be if just purchased.

For example, tomatoes will last for weeks in there without rotting or going bad. But after about a week or ten days, they get a little mushy. Still fine to cook with, but not good enough to put in a salad. But other things don't suffer from that fate. Apples pears and the like will stay fresh for months and still be great to eat right out of the drawer.

I still went with biofresh bc it was only about $500 more than the same model without it. The model without it is being discontinued so I didn't want to get the last batch of something that's no longer being made.

All in all, I'm happy with biofresh.

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No matter what fridge you buy, you shouldn't use it to store tomatoes. Tomatoes should NOT be stored in the cold. It turns their natural sugars into starches, breaks down their cell walls and makes them mushy and mealy. Most people who think they don't like tomatoes "because of the texture" have probably only had really awful, poorly-stored ones.

Most grocery store tomatoes have very little flavor to begin with (that's a whole other rant), but putting them in the fridge turns them into cruel and unusual punishment for anyone forced to eat them after that.

Though tomatoes should never be kept under 50, cool temps--like 60-65 degrees--will slightly extend their shelf life, without compromising flavor and texture. So, if you got a wine fridge with some empty shelf space or a real-life root cellar, you can give those a go. If not, just store him in a single layer, stem-side-up in a cool, dark place ... Anywhere, really, that is NOT the fridge.

Don't take my word for it. Give it a try. Your salads, and sandwiches, and family, will thank you.

Oh and, PS, a trick I got from Cook's Illustrated for getting the most taste out of those grocery store tomatoes, since the farmer's market growing season is so short, is first, to buy only smaller tomatoes (e.g. grape or cherry), which are bred to be sweeter, and then cut them in half about 20-30 minutes before you plan to eat, put them in a colander and sprinkle them with some kosher salt and a little sugar. Toss 'em every once in a while and you'll be amazed at the 20-minute taste transformation. You can do the same with large tomato slices, by placing them on paper towels and then sprinkling the salt-sugar mix.

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Any recent Liebherr Biofresh owners? Would love to hear more. Have to decide soon on fridge selection. Leaning toward the integrated Liebherr because of price and features but I love the look and internal water dispenser of the Sub Zero (CIID) but the price and my prior just so-so Sub Zero are pushing me to the Liebherr.

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i have the FD, biofresh Liebherr model HCB2062

had about 3 years and its been flawless!!

fruits and veggies stay noticeably fresher,
cukes lasts 2-3 weeks
apples, oranges 6-8 weeks or longer..
romaine 3 weeks
berries 10 days to 2 weeks.....
to me it was worth it and its a huge difference than the whirlpool it replaced...i could not keep a cucumber over 5 days. our produce was rotten within a week, it was terrible.
sad part was, i thought every frig was like that till we bought the Liebherr, its really awesome !! :)

easy to clean
great lighting inside
awesome ice cubes
extremely quiet!!!
love the 2 freezer drawers, i am so much more organized this way VS. top freezer or one large bottom freezer drawer...
honestly, there is nothing i don't like about it and it was around $3 grand cheaper than SZ....

just make sure u will have service in your area, if needed

we paneled our, so can't speak to ease of cleaning SS

absolutely agree with above poster, Do Not put tomatoes in frig!!!!

any other questions Nadianyc, just ask :)

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Thanks Sprt! According to several salespeople I spoke with, they say Liebherr is really making a foothold in the refrigeration world and that they're selling more and more of them and with little or no complaints.

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There are plenty of complaints about Liebherr on this site, just do a search on here and you will find them. But, this being a site where most people come to complain about stuff that is what you will find. There is no perfect anything out there, so always take the complaints with a grain of salt, people rarely post positives when things are going well. But they post negatives as soon as things bad, it is just how we humans work (most of us any way).

I love my units, and other than a small part problem from the factory it has been great. I would buy ours again in a heart beat and saving the money over the SZ was a great bonus.

But there a people that don't like a lot of stuff about the Liebherr's you can find it if you look. The biggest complaint I can remember is with the ice maker breaking. Followed by issues with how the FD style doors work in terms of closing fully without manual interaction.

Best of luck,

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A dissenting view on refrigerating tomatoes: see link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes

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