Swivel Sweeper,AKA, Glide Sweeper

jobirdDecember 18, 2007

FYI,found that Walmart is carrying the Quick Shine Glide Cordless Sweeper for $26.99. It is a Swivel Sweeper in a different box. It was located in the section with the brooms and mops,etc.

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Your cat seems very interested in it.

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Cool. I want one of these, but the s/h is ridiculous over the TV! Let us know how you like it. The only thing I'm worried about is the rechargable battery. I had a Swiffer Vac & the battery on it only lasted about 6 good months. After it started to go it really went. Now as soon as you turn it on it already sounds like it's dying & doesn't pick up anything.

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I have a Swivel Sweeper from Walgreens and got a spare battery off ebay. I've not had it long enough to judge the battery life.

These small devices use Nickel Cadmium batteries,which need to be treated differently than your standard Nickel Metal Hydride battery. See the paragraph:Shortcomings,from the article below.

To summarize the correct way to treat these batteries:

1. Completely discharge the battery before recharging.

2. Do not overcharge;That is,don't leave the battery in the charger for longer than approximately eight hours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nickel Cadmium Batteries

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I also have the origianl Swival Sweeper and love it. We got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. If the battery dies I will take the unit back to them as they do stand behind all their products. We had had it a few months and truly it is great.


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I first saw the Swivel Sweeper at a local restaurant,where they were using it to clean during the day (while customers where still there.) I asked the manager what it was and he told me about it. He said they usually get about eight months out of one before it dies (not sure if that is the battery or the sweeper that fails.) Then,they buy another.
Given the daily hard use of the SW by a commercial operation,I'd say that was pretty good for a $30 dollar sweeper.

I love my SW too ;)

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