Emeril SS cookware

fuzzyrDecember 10, 2008

Just recently purchased the triclad set(aluminum/ss/copper) After using just a couple times, they are very discolored/splotchy looking on the inside. Both a spaghetti sauce and chili were very hard to clean off (hand washed), and they were prepared over medium heat and not at all scorched. My 25 year old 'waterless' ss pot is far easier to use and clean, and even scrambled eggs don't stick as badly. Anyone else having similar issue; or is this just the way new cookware reacts these days? Any suggestions?

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I have looked at that cookware and MY opinion is it is not 18/10 SS.
You can use barkeepers friend to clean it. I have Bella Cuisine that is 15 years old and looks like the day I bought it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barkeepers

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Thanks for the tip, dashmo37. I always thought that BKF was just another Comet. I'll be giving it a try.

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Aluminum does discolor. That is one reason people seem to prefer stainless steel for pots and pans. You cooked acidic food in the aluminum, and that is what did it.

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I have to post this regarding Emeril cookware. I bought Emeril frying pans (2 different sizes) @ Macy's in MA.
I have had cookware over our 50 yrs.of marriage, & have to say that this is the BEST cookware I have ever cooked with. When I get a bit financially ahead of the game, I intend to hopefully invest in more of this great cookware. It is the EASIEST cookware I have ever had to clean. I WILL DEFINITELY SPREAD THE WORD TO MY NEIGHBORS ABOUT THIS GREAT COOKWARE! AT LAST, I HAVE FOUND WHAT I CONSIDER TO BE THE #1 COOKWARE TO USE!

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And I have a set of Revere Ware SS pots I purchased in 1974. Still look brand new. I use them every single day. Yes, food sticks (not non-stick) but they clean up easily with just soaking or a steel wool pad. I hear All Clad is the best available now. But there's nothing like the old stuff. My Mom has a Hoover vacuum she's had since her wedding in 1946. Occasionally needs a new belt, but otherwise runs perfectly for over 60 years.

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My Mom is still using a set of Revereware that she received as a wedding gift in the late 50's. Frankly, stainless is pretty durable stuff.

All-Clad and Emerilware (which is the same construction made in China or Korea) is a "tri-ply. A layer of aluminum sandwiched between layers of stainless steel. Stainless adds durability while aluminum improves heat conductivity. Tri-ply construction is generally considered better than using a aluminum (or copper) disc on the bottom of the pan because it eliminates the hot spots than can develop where the disc thins or ends.

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