Constant adjustment of lever in pressure balance valve shower?

jaycoMay 11, 2013

In our new shower we have a Grohe pressure balanced valve. When we shower we need to constantly keep turning the lever higher to maintain the correct temperature. Is this normal? We do live in an older house but I was wondering if it could be something wrong with the valve or the way it was installed. Thanks!

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is anyone else using hot water at the time you experience this ?

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No, it isn't due to other usage.

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We have a Grohe Aquatower with pressure balance system and do not experience any problems maintaining the temperature. I guess due to the location of the MB the water coming out of this shower is cooler overall than the water in the shower of the hall bathroom which is closer to the water heater.

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Are you on well water or city water?

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City water. Bathroom is upstairs.

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Might ask over on the plumbing forum , but sounds like you have a faulty cartridge.

The temp shouldn't swing very much at all but the FLOW could very well decrease when someone else opens a tap for water.

You might check the temp limit stop to see where it's set. Might be too low ?

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No, it's definitely not too low. The water gets nice and hot; I step in the shower, and as I shower I have to keep nudging it further toward hot to maintain the temp. I take relatively short showers, too, so it's happening pretty fast. The pressure does not seem to change much.

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I'd call Grohe and ask their tech guys, but I suspect a bad cartridge if it's as you describe.

Another thing to consider is your body adjusting to the heat. After a while the hot doesn't seem hot anymore. Think of the frog boiled to death in a pot with water starting at room temp.
Have you checked the ACTUAL temps with an instant read thermometer at startup and again at 5 min. in ?

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Yes, that is true, I considered that. But I feel it's more noticeable in the new shower than in the old.

Is there any possibility it could be due to a plumbing mistake? Because our plumbers made a few sloppy errors, and I know Grohe is well-reputed.

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If they did not take the shut off seals out when they sweat soldered it, they may be damaged.

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