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GrizzfanMay 24, 2013

We installed a Frigidaire Gallery Gas Range under an existing GE Microwave. There is about 18" separation. The gas range is great. However the heat from the range causes the "thermocouple" in the MW to die and there is no reset. It has to be replaced. That has happened 3 times now. Running the MW fan is very noisey and we naturally avoid it. The MW fan vents into the room.

Does anybody have a solution? Is there a MW brand that has a resetable "thermocouple"? Or is there a MW brand that doesn't have this problem? It is somewhat impractical for us to move the MW higher as it would take out a small cabinet over the MW and my wife is only about 5'4".

Thanks and please talk brands!


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The best thing to do is to replace the OTR with a real vented hood. A recirculating hood is better than nothing but a recirculating OTR is even worse You're likely to have problems with any OTR mounted that low. Better to get a countertop MW.

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I would be very surprised if 18" is sufficient clearance between a gas range and MW to meet any installation spec or local code. This is not a brand issue, rather an installation one. Since your wife cannot reach higher, you would be much better off to put the MW somewhere else, and install a vented hood as weissman suggests.

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Can you steer me to a 'vented hood' photo?

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5 seconds in google search:

Here is a link that might be useful: range hoods

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